Religious exploitation

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The Manipulation of Religious Values and Impulses by the Intervention

“The Briefings state that the Intervention is promoting human conflict. How does it do this?"
You have but to promote religious extremism and nationalism and to convince the leaders and persuasive individuals that other peoples represent their enemy and a threat. You have only to project the images of spiritual saints and emissaries proclaiming the need to overcome adversaries. This is how the Intervention can promote conflict in the world." [1]

"The visitors understand that humanity’s greatest abilities also represent its greatest vulnerability. People’s longing for individual redemption represents one of the greatest assets the human family has to offer, even to the Greater Community. But it is also your weakness. And it is these impulses and these values that will be used. [2]

"To gain people’s allegiance through their religious and spiritual motivations ... can be done quite easily because humanity is not yet strong or developed in the mental environment. It is difficult for people to discern where these impulses are coming from. Many people want to give themselves to anything they think has a greater voice and a greater power. Your visitors can project images—images of your saints, of your teachers, of angels—images that are held dear and sacred within your world. They have cultivated this ability through many, many centuries of attempting to influence each other and by learning the ways of persuasion that are practiced in many places in the Greater Community. They consider you primitive, and so they feel they can exert this influence and use these methods upon you. [2]

"They will offer what you want and they will speak what you want to hear. They will offer inducements, and they will use your religions and your religious ideals to foster confidence and trust that they, more than you, understand the needs of your world and will be able to serve these needs to bring about a greater equanimity here. Because humanity seems incapable of establishing unity and order, many people will open their minds and their hearts to those whom they believe will have the greater possibility for doing so. [3]


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