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Each of us has a destiny with certain people to accomplish certain things in accordance with our greater purpose and the needs of the world that we are here to serve.


Purpose drives relationship

"If you seek fulfilling relationships in the world, always seek purpose." [1]

"So you must choose what you will value." [2]

"Do not commit your life until you are committed to your life." [3]

“Seek the experience of true purpose. This provides the foundation for all meaningful relationships.” [4]

"Do not dabble, then, with your life and your existence. Do not toy with relationships and with other endeavors, but seek to find that which is essential within you, for what is essential will give you what you want and will lead you in the right direction." [5]

"Do not hide behind love as a kind of excuse for being in a relationship where you have no purpose and destiny." [6]

“This teaching in relationships and higher purpose is being given to you so that you may be able to discover your contribution and to render it harmoniously by realizing the true nature and purpose of your relationships in the world.” [7]

"A critical part of your development is finding those individuals who are destined to share your greater work in the world. Finding them, then, can preoccupy the early stages of your development. In doing this, it is often necessary to leave other involvements that do not represent this greater purpose and destiny. For some people, this can take many years to accomplish. Yet until you are free to find your true companions, then you must engage in this work, in this effort." [8]

"You are looking for one or two or three people who will make the great difference in your life. Perhaps one will become a life partner. Perhaps one will be a great teacher. Perhaps one will be a great companion in your work. Perhaps one will just teach you momentarily something of immense value or point your life in a direction, showing you the way to go." [9]

Needs and desires

“There is only one way to resolve your deepest need and that is to find your purpose and fulfill it, which restores to you your relationship with the universe and makes true partnership with another possible and fulfilling.” [10]

“This will require that you assess your needs in contrast to your wishes. If your wishes do not represent your genuine needs, then you will confuse your life terribly. You will place a burden upon yourself and upon those with whom you are engaged that can only oppress them, and you as well. Without this oppression, people will be free to come to you as you truly need them.” [11]

"You have a greater destiny in the world, and there are others who are part of this destiny and who will play a significant role in its discovery and expression. This is an article of faith for you now, for not all your needs can be met in this moment, nor should they be met." [9]

Relationships of destiny

"You are in the world looking for your Spiritual Family." [12]

"You are destined to meet certain people in life. You have a rendezvous with them. They will be guided to meet you as you are being guided to meet them." [2]

"Without your essential relationships, you cannot function at a higher level." [13]

"You were sent into the world to serve your Spiritual Family. You were sent to intiate and reclaim relationships, to recognize your gifts, to allow them to be expressed and to undergo a lifelong process of preparation, each stage of which is necessary for you and necessary for those who will know you." [14]

Selectivity in relationship

“With Knowledge the meaning and purpose of each relationship was recognized at the beginning of your involvement and was affirmed at the end.” [15]

“You cannot share the mystery of your life with anyone with whom you are friendly. This is why you must choose your partners very carefully. You cannot be reckless in relationships and have any hope of fulfilling your greater purpose here.” [16]

"People treat the experience of being in love as if it is an ultimate experience, but there is no guarantee that this will lead to a successful relationship, for a successful relationship must be built on purpose, readiness and compatibility." [6]

"Do not worry that you are getting older. Do not let that drive your decision. If you are not meant to meet the significant partner for three years, let us say as an example, what are you going to do in the next three years? Go in and out of relationship, experience frustration, heartbreak, anger or resentment, disappointment, burning up your life over engagements that have no promise, while the Four Pillars of your life remain undeveloped and unrecognized?" [9]

Preparing for Relationships

"Relationships of destiny are very rare. They do not happen every day. They are not guaranteed with every person with whom you find a great attraction, or even a great affinity. Relationships of destiny are here to serve a greater purpose. The people who become involved in them are still barely aware of this purpose and are struggling to discover it. Often they will struggle with each other, for within themselves and between each other they must find a reconciliation. They must find the basis for what is true and distinguish that from everything else. This takes time. It is better that you do much of this work on your own before you meet each other, or you will not be able to join and participate. If you meet each other too soon, you will not be able to receive each other’s gifts of verification. You will not be able to vericate for each other and confirm the greater need and greater understanding that speak of a life of destiny, a life that was anointed before you came into this world."[17]

"Build real relationships. Begin with your relationship with Knowledge and develop character by developing patience, forbearance, restraint, objectivity, compassion, the ability to observe others and the ability to have your life be undefined. This builds character, and with this you gain a greater capacity for experience. This is Wisdom. And in order for you to be a vehicle for Knowledge in life-to be an inspiration to others and to give your life wholeheartedly-you must have this foundation and you must have your essential relationships." [3]

“Why strive for relationships in the world when genuine relationships will come to you as you are prepared? To understand this you must have great faith in the Power of Knowledge within yourself and within others. As this awareness grows, all basis for your striving and desperate pursuits will fall away, making true peace and accomplishment possible for you.” [11]

Companions in Knowledge

"So at some point, hopefully, you get serious about your life.... You begin to see there is a deeper current, a deeper need, a deeper reality within you, and you see this in others, and you begin to see it everywhere.... Whatever you are doing today is either helping you or hindering you in this great discovery. There are no neutral relationships. The people you associate with are either helping you or hindering you in this great discovery. Even if they are wonderful, loving people, they are either hindering you or helping you in this great discovery. For God knows you cannot make this discovery alone. You will need relationships that are associated with your higher purpose. You will need to be with people who are making the same discoveries themselves. You will need this reinforcement. You will need this companionship. You will need this to begin to have faith in the greater purpose that has brought you here, in the Greater Reality that is within you. You will need relationships to bear witness to this. You need to be free to find these relationships." [18]

“You need true companions in life, but to have them you must have a relationship with the truth in yourself, which is represented by your relationship with Knowledge. Become a student of Knowledge and this relationship will be revealed to you and then reclaimed. And your allies will join you to confirm the reclamation of Knowledge, to give it meaning and scope in the world and give definition to what you must accomplish here specifically.” [19]

“In this new era of relationship, if the emergence of Knowledge can take place, you will have relationships of an entirely different nature. They will not be inherently flawed. They will seem to exist already. You do not need to create them. They are established, yet they are new to your experience, and so they must find an expression and an acceptance on your part. This is the reclamation of the Spiritual Family within this world, where everyone seems scattered and separate.” [20]

"These relationships must be imbued with the Knowledge that you are reclaiming. Then they will have the stability, the efficacy and the grace that Knowledge contains for you. For only relationships based upon Knowledge can carry the Wisdom that Knowledge will exert within the world." [21]

"Alone you have no meaning"

“Alone you have no meaning. There are no meaningful individuals in the universe. An individual is a potential for relationship. It is the relationships that are important. It is what you are connected to and who you represent that gives meaning to your existence here.” [22]

“Remember, there are no great men and women in The Way of Knowledge. There are only great relationships. Greatness in a human being is the ability to join the right person for the right reason at the right time in the right way. That is the demonstration of human greatness.” [22]

“In order for you to carry out your mission, you must have great allies because God knows you cannot do it alone.” [19]

“Without the right companions, you cannot undertake a journey. Without true assistance, you cannot even begin.” [23]

Shared mission

“You were born with a greater purpose and a mission in the world. But this mission requires the recognition and participation with certain individuals who will share this mission with you. It is their destiny to do so. Alone you have only part of the picture, and you cannot fulfill this mission alone. Knowledge, the greater intelligence within you, knows this, of course, and will lead you, if you are free, to find those individuals with whom you can share and express and fulfill this greater purpose.” [24]

“You seek affinity with others in the world because that is your natural state, but only with those who represent your Spiritual Family will you be able to experience this completely. That is because their purpose and their message in the world corresponds with yours.” [25]

"If you seek Knowledge, you will be disappointed in many relationships because they cannot provide the context within which Knowledge can emerge. It is only when you join with another who shares this intent, whose nature is akin to your own and whose origins before this life are associated with yours quite specifically that this can be fully brought about. You are actually meant to be together. You are not together because you attract each other or because you fulfill each other’s expectations or because you are thrilling or because you present a very pleasurable and exciting appearance. You are together because you must be." [26]

“It is only when you join with another who shares this intent, whose nature is akin to your own and whose origins before this life are associated with yours quite specifically that this can be fully brought about. You are actually meant to be together. You are not together because you attract each other or because you fulfill each other’s expectations or because you are thrilling or because you present a very pleasurable and exciting appearance. You are together because you must be. You are drawn by something deeper.” [27]

The sacred rendezvous

"Here all you can do is to do your part as fully as possible and pray for those that you are destined to meet—or even for those who are not ready to do their parts—to follow the power of Knowledge within themselves, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within them to guide them, to protect them and to lead them to this sacred rendezvous." [2]

“There is a reason you are searching in relationships, but it is not for pleasure, wealth or ambition. It is for a deeper reason. And though you may have many failures in relationship, you will never give up because you are seeking to make the sacred rendezvous that are waiting for you and that are necessary for you and for the fulfillment and success of your life.” [2]

"Beyond the needs of the body and the needs of the intellect, there is the need of the soul. The need of the soul can only be fulfilled by carrying out your greater purpose in life and by making your rendezvous with those individuals who share this purpose and who will play a part in its discovery and expression. There is no guarantee that everyone will arrive. And it is a miracle for those who do arrive because they have had to follow something inexplicable to find their way there. They have had to overcome their self-doubt and the persuasions of others to make this sacred rendezvous. They have had to trust something that perhaps no one else in their life trusted or valued. They have had to give their support to their own integrity and to their own sense of what is really right and correct for them." [28]

“We are called to Sacred Rendezvous and we must create Sacred Rendezvous.” [29]

The ultimate goal

“You return to the Creator through a great network of relationships which are all bonded in Knowledge.” [22]

“The road to Heaven is through relationships. It is a road of relationships. You may try your hardest to feel whole and joined with life, and you will have experiences of this now and then, but until you can be joined to another, give yourself and dedicate your resources in conjunction with another’s dedication, you are only flirting with reality.” [22]


"Life is like climbing a mountain, and you cannot climb it alone. You will not find your way alone, you will not gain strength alone and you will not learn to overcome the obstacles alone." [13]

"Here temporary relationships are like signposts, pointing the way, reminding you that you have a greater responsibility in life." [2]

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