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God and Creation

"You are traveling through time and space, engaged in a long journey of return to your Ancient Home. In this life and beyond, this journey continues."[1]

"It is like a tour of duty. It is like a mission. It is like going from a wonderful place to a difficult place to make a contribution. That is what being in the world is to your soul." [2]

"You cannot return to God at the end of this life because you are not ready. You have not built your capacity for relationship sufficiently. You have not extended your experience of your soul to include others sufficiently yet." [3]

The Soul's Journey Quotes

"You cannot erase the accomplishments and the relationships you have made in the past, in your past life experiences. You bring this forward with you."[4]

"This life is a transition to another life. To come into this world, you are born into a life from a life. You go through this life and enter into another life. People think of lifetimes only in terms of visitation rights to this planet, but you go from life to life, context to context. Why is the future relevant here? Why are these spiritual things so important? This life is preparation, like childhood is preparation for adulthood. Adulthood is preparation for your Spiritual Family, who will be waiting for you when you arrive and pass through the thin membrane that separates these two realms of existence." [5]

Past Lives Quotes

"There are times when your past lives must be re-experienced, but you do not need to seek them out. They simply arise. There is a wave of emotion and then it is gone. It is the emotion that needs to be released. It does not matter what you did before. It is over."[6]

"At certain times in life you meet an individual, and there is a sense of recognition that is profound, even frightening. If you are observant of this recognition, you will realize that this is not karmic. It does not have to do with “past lives.” Past lives are very superficial compared to this, for these relationships were established beyond the world. You may even have difficulty with this person because their personality and yours do not get along too well. But still, there is a great recognition that is beyond description. There is no need for introduction." [7]

"You have had past life experiences with many individuals who are not part of your Spiritual Family. Your Spiritual Family is a small group. Yet you have had past life experiences with thousands and thousands of individuals." [8]

Between this life and the next

“When you leave this life, when your body passes away, it is not like you disappear and go somewhere else. You just awaken to what has always been there. There are those who sent you into the world, waiting to greet you. And there is the Presence, the magnificent Presence. You did not journey from one place to another to experience this. It was always there.”[9]

"When this life is over and you return to your Spiritual Family, they will only have one question for you, and that is whether you made your sacred rendezvous in life and gave your gifts to the world. And in that moment you will know with absolute clarity whether you did or did not. There is no punishment here, but the weight of failure is great. It means you will have to try again, and go through the whole process all over again. That should be incentive enough to encourage most people to proceed." [10]

Maximum use out of you

"If you become strong with Knowledge in this life, you will be given a greater level of service beyond this world. This may be service within this world or another world. It may be service as a transcendent teacher, one of the Unseen Ones who guides those who are still living in form. Or you may return to the manifest world as a great teacher, as someone who has great promise, to share wisdom and guidance and resolution in another existence. Here there is no judgment day, there is only progress. You cannot return to your heavenly state full of anger, resentment, self-judgment and condemnation of others. You cannot return to your heavenly state full of indecision and ambivalence, with addictions, and self-destructive tendencies. You just simply cannot return in this state of mind. And to think that all these things can be resolved within one life is to underestimate the problem. And even if you could resolve all of these things in one life, your accomplishment would be so great that God would want to use you to help others who are still lost in their state of separation. So you could not return to heaven even under these circumstances. God is going to get maximum use out of you, and maximum use and benefit from whatever wisdom you can acquire living in the physical reality."[1]

"Should you succeed in outgrowing the need to take form, then you will be of service to those who remain behind. Thus, your service will grow. God will not waste your accomplishments, but put them to use to serve others who need them and who will rely upon them in the future." [11]

Animals and sentient beings

"Sentient beings will come here and return to their heavenly state. That is the difference between a sentient being like you, and your pet, or the birds in the sky or the animals in the field. Your dog does not die and go to dog heaven. The mouse does not die and go to mouse heaven. The mosquito does not die and go to mosquito heaven. They continue in this reality. But you are from a different reality, and it is this difference between your divine nature and your functioning in the animal world that is so utterly confusing and has perplexed great thinkers over the ages."[12]

Fulfilling the Need to Return

"If you build a bridge today, it will be gone in a hundred years. It will serve a temporary service. If you give Knowledge today, it will change a life forever. If you change one life forever, your work in this world is complete because your Knowledge has become so strong that it has activated another’s Knowledge, and it has ended separation to the extent that you no longer need to be in this world." [13]


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