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What is this reconciliation?

"There is a greater reconciliation that must occur in your life and will occur as you begin to take the Steps to Knowledge and to respond to the deeper needs of your heart and your soul."[1]

Purpose of reconciliation

"Your reconciliation is not simply to redeem you, but to provide a unique and important service to others and to the world itself. The Lord of the Universes would not waste this opportunity to have your life be of value and meaning to others." [1]

Hindrances to reconciliation

"People want peace. They want reconciliation. But then they want other things too. This makes peace and reconciliation impossible."[2]

"You cannot reconcile yourself. This is not an intellectual pursuit. You can formulate the most elegant belief system possible, but it is not the reconciliation. You are still lost in your thoughts. You are still disassociated from yourself. You are still disconnected. You are governed by beliefs and assumptions and have not really taken the greater journey yet."[1]

"Do not try to resolve everything in the heat of emotion because your efforts on behalf of reconciliation and peace will not be well received. As always, you must evaluate your communication in terms of its effectiveness. You may feel a personal need to express yourself, but it is also your responsibility to see if that expression is appropriate at a given time and to sense how it will be received."[3]

"Can you be a force for peace or reconciliation if your motivating force is profound anxiety? Can you raise a child thinking,“I must protect this child from becoming a criminal”? Can you raise a child effectively with that point of view? You cannot tend the world with this point of view and hope to give a true benefit. Besides, the world is frustrating to change. People are very entrenched."[4]

The path to reconciliation

"Relationships of destiny are here to serve a greater purpose. The people who become involved in them are still barely aware of this purpose and are struggling to discover it. Often they will struggle with each other, for within themselves and between each other they must find a reconciliation. They must find the basis for what is true and distinguish that from everything else." [5]

"Every step you take towards Knowledge is a step towards your reconciliation—with your Source, with your Spiritual Family who have sent you into the world—a reconciliation with your deeper nature, a reconciliation with life. It is a reconciliation that emanates from Knowledge within you and calls forth that part of you that is identified with the world and is lost in the world."[1]

"What begins to bring you to the path of reconciliation is the realization that you really are lost in the world and that others around you have the same condition and the same liability. This realization, which is entirely honest and which is greatly needed, will disillusion you to the point where you realize you must seek a greater meaning for your life. This is the beginning of the reconciliation." [1]

"The service you render is what generates the reconciliation for you and what nourishes and fosters reconciliation for others." [1]

"This is the beginning of the great attraction of the Creator for the Created. Once you begin to take the steps to reconciliation, you will begin, very intermittently at first, to experience the great attraction. This is how God recalls you to your Source, from the great attraction." [1]

"The reconciliation is the most important thing. It is more important than anything else you create because this is what will reconcile you to your Source, and this is what will truly inspire others in being with you. To create useful things for society is valuable and has great merit, but even beyond this, there is your presence in the world and the power of what guides you and the meaning of what guides you." [1]

Once you have gained the reconciliation, then you will naturally want to promote it and support it in others. This is the natural desire of the heart.


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