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Short Quotes

"The personal side cannot trust because it is alone and afraid. Its foundation is unstable. Its assumptions are weak. Its associations are fragile and uncertain. It has no basis for trust. It is only as your deeper nature emerges that trust can finally be established within yourself, yet you must extend trust to allow this emergence to occur." [1]

"Trust your deepest inclinations for they are trustworthy, but you must learn to discern them and distinguish them from the many other desires, compulsions and wishes that you feel and that affect you. You can only learn this through experience. You can learn this because your deepest inclinations always lead you into meaningful relationships and away from isolation or divisive engagements." [2]

"Your deepest inclinations emanate from Knowledge. As your mind becomes clear of its restraints and as your life begins to open to the greater calling that is emerging for you now, these deeper inclinations will become more powerful and more evident. You will be able to discern them more easily. This will require great self-trust, which of course will require great self-love. To trust your deepest inclinations, to follow Knowledge and to be a student of Knowledge will re-establish your self-love and will place it upon a firm foundation that the world cannot shake." [3]

"The question of trust will not be necessary if Knowledge is your guide. However, Knowledge is not really the guide for most people in an active sense, for people trust their assumptions until their assumptions prove to be false, which can take a very long time." [4]

"It is now necessary for you to think about your relationship with God. Ask yourself: “Do I love God? Do I trust God? Does God love me? Does God trust me? Is God lovable and trustworthy? Am I lovable and trustworthy? Do I deserve to have God? Does God deserve to have me? Have I blamed God for what has happened in my life?” This examination will begin to give you an understanding of how you relate to other people and your ability to be in intimate relationship with anyone or anything." [5]


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