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“You are here to build a foundation for peace within yourself and within the world, but only God knows how this can be done, and the wisdom of God has been given to you in the power and presence of Knowledge deep within you.”[1]

Practice The Way of Knowledge

Quotes About Peace in the World


"If you truly are an advocate for peace, if you truly are concerned for the well-being of humanity, and even of your own family and its future and your own city and town and its future, you must be concerned with how you live, particularly if you are seeking wealth or live in an affluent environment." [2]

"If you really believe in peace, then you must address the potential of conflict and the reality of violence within yourself. You cannot demand peace from other people, peaceful behavior or peaceful attitudes, if you yourself cannot demonstrate this in your relationships with others, in your relationship with yourself, and in your relationship with your nation and your government and the world at large." [3]

Requirements for peace

"You must accept that a world in change cannot be at peace because it is not in a stable state.”[1]

“In order for there to be real peace in the world, the world must be in a stable condition. The world is not in a stable condition. There cannot be competition between nations over who will gain the resources, who will have the advantages, who will have the wealth because that only generates competition, conflict, and eventually war."[1]

"Your natural inclinations for spirituality, for social cooperation and productivity, for political stability and for justice and equanimity will prepare you for the future and enable you to do whatever needs to be done in order to survive, to advance and to bring a greater order, peace and justice into the world. It will not be a perfect order, but it must be a greater order. It will not be a perfect peace, but it must be a greater peace. It will not be a perfect justice, but it must be a greater justice." [4]

“God works through individuals and small groups of people primarily. This is what has kept humanity going. This is what gives humanity hope and power and promise. It is Knowledge.”[1]

"Peace is on the minds of many people, but peace is not possible without necessity. Peace as a goal or peace as an ambition or peace as a wish does not have the power to overcome the tensions and animosities that exist between people and even within people, within individuals. The peace that can be forged in the future must be based upon necessity. It must be based upon a clear understanding that humanity is entering a period of grave difficulty, facing a world in decline, a world of declining resources where many more people will be drawing from the bounty that the world can provide, a world where humanity will be facing competition from other races from beyond the world, a set of circumstances when taken together is greater and more profound and far reaching than anything that humanity as a whole has ever had to face before." [5]

The limits of peace

“Some people think that peace can only be achieved through victory over an opponent. Others believe peace cannot be achieved through conflict of any kind. So these two groups are in opposition to each other and will find no peace with one another.” [1]

“Regarding your relationship with the world, do not insist upon peace. There will not be peace in the world. But what can happen is that conflict can be minimized through the sharing of resources and by the rich learning to live more simply and providing for those in need. You cannot provide for those in need if you are using too much of the world. You cannot be an advocate for peace if you are consuming too many resources yourself. If you are a big consumer of resources, well, you are making war inevitable.”[1]

Quotes about inner peace

"The question is not about being at peace and being happy. The question is about living the true life. This will give you inner peace. This will give you true happiness." [6]

Finding peace

"There is peace in knowing that you are on the right track. Even if you have much work to do. There is peace in knowing that your life is coming into right order within yourself. There is peace in confirming that your relationship with Knowledge is being honored and furthered. There is peace in knowing that resolution is coming in conflicts and relationships around you." [7]

“To finally make peace with your past, you must be building a new life.” [8]

“You will be at peace in your mind when it has given itself in service to the Greater Power through Knowledge within you.” [9]

“You will be at peace, to varying degrees, to the degree which you are aligned with Knowledge within yourself, the greater intelligence that the Creator of all life has placed within you to guide and to protect you. If you are disassociated from Knowledge within yourself, if you cannot feel what you deeply know, if you cannot follow what you deeply know, if you cannot respond, then peace will not be possible within you, and all you will have are your fears, your desires, your complaints, your resentments and your anxieties to move you. They will all become your guide and counsel now.”[1]


Waging peace

“You become a peacemaker and a peacekeeper in the world as you continue as a student of Knowledge. The stronger Knowledge is within you, the weaker will be your fear and ambivalence. In this way, war within you will be ended and your life will be a demonstration that war is unnecessary.” [10]

“Peace is not simply the absence of overt conflict in the world. Peace is stillness. As long as stillness is greatly feared, there will be war because the struggle for stimulation will produce conflict.” [11]

“Peace is a great goal, a significant goal, a goal that many people hold dear. And it is a goal that some people believe it is possible to achieve in the world as it is today. A few people aspire to achieve peace within themselves, recognizing that without that, they will not be able to really foster peace within the world. And, of course, there are people who do not believe that peace is possible or it will ever be possible given human tendencies and given humanity’s history.“ [1]

Establishing peace

“People really do not know what being at peace is like because this is not part of their experience. Even if they have lived in a nation that has not experienced war for a very long time, they are not at peace. They do not conduct their affairs in a peaceful way. They are angry and resentful, even with the very people that they love most dearly. They are conflicted over their personal desires and motives, so there is conflict everywhere. Whether a nation or a community appears to be at peace or not, it is full of conflict.”[1]

“So the first objective to begin to build a foundation for peace, rather than merely trying to be peaceful, is to build a connection to Knowledge, to take the steps to Knowledge, because only Knowledge within you is at peace." ... "It promotes peace because it speaks to everyone to become responsive to Knowledge within themselves because there is no conflict between Knowledge between people, tribes, groups, nations or even worlds within the Greater Community in the universe. That is why Knowledge is the great peacemaker.”[1]

"It is not enough to say that people want peace, and you should not believe that people have always lived together in harmony, for there has been very little harmony in the world at any time. And you should not think that establishing peace in the world is simply creating a new social program or platform or that it is all about politics or relations between various nations or groups. If people are at war within themselves, they will express this in the world, and they will add to conflict that exists between people." [5]


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