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also spelled Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammed

The New Message teaches that God sends both Prophets and Messengers into the world and that in rare cases, approxomately once a millenium, an individual arrives on Earth in both of these divine roles. The New Message reveals that Marshall Vian Summers is Prophet and Messenger for the next millenium and that, before the election of Marshall Vian Summers, the last Messenger and Prophet sent to the world was Muhammad.

Answering the question of whether or not there has been a Messenger since Muhammad, the New Message says:

"None have brought a New Message from God until Marshall Vian Summers. Prophets can occur frequently, but Messengers are rare and infrequent. Prophecy is only part of your role, for you are a Messenger. You are bringing something entirely new into the world. A prophet may sound a warning, but a Messenger brings a New Revelation to change the thinking and awareness of the world. A prophet is for this time. A Messenger is for all time. You are a Prophet and a Messenger." [1]

The New Message spea help build human civilization

and that Marshall Vian Summers Muhammad was the last Messenger

"To think that Muhammed gave the final Revelation is to misunderstand God’s purpose and presence, for God has many more things to say to the world, particularly at this great turning point when humanity is facing a declining world, a world of declining resources, when humanity is facing the reality of contact with intelligent life in the Universe—two great events that none of God’s previous Revelations are meant to address or that can address sufficiently [and] reasonably." [2]

"The New Message from God... is here in a pure form, and for the first time, you can actually hear the Voice of Revelation, the Voice that spoke to the Jesus, the Muhammad, the Buddha and the many great teachers and prophets of the ages. Do you realize the significance of this?" [3]

"You must turn your approach inward, for believing in Jesus or Muhammad or the Buddha will not bridge the gap of separation that exists between you and your Source and between the part of you that lives in the world and is of the world and the part of you that is not of the world." [4]

"You know Jesus because you feel a relationship with Jesus, not because Jesus is producing miracles for you, and you are simply there as a consumer, thinking you are getting something for nothing. You know Muhammad because you have a relationship with Muhammad. You have a connection there that is intrinsic. It is part of your design and purpose. The Buddha is inspiring to you because you have a relationship with this remarkable individual, not because this individual is making everything work out in life for you... This is the difference between the believer and the person who is connected at a deeper level." [5]

"The Redeemer is with you. You may call the Redeemer Jesus. You may call the Redeemer Muhammad. You may call the Redeemer the Buddha. You may call the Redeemer Shiva. You may call the Redeemer any name that you think is significant, but the Redeemer has no name, has no personality, has no form. It is invisible and therefore pervasive. It can enter into any situation. It is not limited by what limits you in your physical reality. If you misunderstand the meaning of the Redeemer, you will misunderstand the life of Jesus. You will misunderstand the life of Muhammad and the Buddha and the other great Messengers that have come to the Earth. You will misunderstand religion. " [6]

It is [[Angelic Presence|We] who spoke to Jesus and the Buddha, the Muhammad and other teachers and seers through the ages who have brought a greater clarity into the world—to the prophets in every age and to the Messengers who only come at great turning points for humanity. [7]


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