Quotes About Marriage

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Long Quotes

"...people think that they are ready for marriage and union with another, and they cannot wait. So, they go out and establish marriage after marriage after marriage. It is only later, if they develop, that they can look back and say, well, that was premature. I really wasn't ready for it. Knowledge knows when you are ready, and if you are attentive, you will begin to see what Knowledge knows."

  • Living the Way of Knowledge, Chapter 10

"Marriage, in the truest sense, is where you experience a Greater Reality in a relationship. True marriage is not merely going to the church and taking vows. True marriage is a bonding, a surrender, a commitment. It is the bonding of your mind and body, those things which have been the pinnacle of your separate identity, to another. True marriage is a surrender of a separate life to a certain degree, and it is a commitment to spiritual growth. This is the very essence of marriage. You do not give yourself up here. Instead, you gain a greater self. Here you have not only one mind to help you, you have two minds. You not only have one body, you have two bodies. If your marriage is to a group of people, you have more minds and more bodies. Here your resource for wisdom grows."

  • Relationships and Higher Purpose, Chapter 10