Quotes About Guilt

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"Go where you are needed, where you need to go. Discern the actual motivation for this and distinguish it from any sense of guilt or obligation to others. Do not place artificial demands upon yourself. Do not allow others to place artificial demands upon you beyond your simple duties in this day. Go where you are truly needed." [1]

"Realize in your current relationships that with Knowledge all things will be clear, and you may proceed without guilt or blame and without compulsion or need. With Knowledge you may follow that which is precisely beneficial to you and to your beloved, for all relationships are honored and blessed through Knowledge, and all individuals find their rightful place with one another. In this, each person is honored, and his or her Knowledge is confirmed." [2]

"Within yourselves, each of you, there must be a way to reconcile this dilemma, to heal this primary relationship with God. I assure you that if you heal that relationship, you will not have problems with each other. This dilemma is the source of all of your guilt and anxieties, and as a consequence, it produces the world that you see." [3]

"You will not need to misrepresent yourself in the attempt to escape your sense of guilt and inadequacy, for guilt and inadequacy are consumed in the fire of Knowledge." [4]

"You do not need to try to be loving to appease a sense of self-inadequacy or guilt." [5]


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