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"What people want and what God wills are not the same." [1]

"The will of God ... is the love of God. For God’s love is not separate from God’s will. God does not think like your intellect thinks—happy one day, sad the next, happy with this, angry with that, cruel and punishing over those who make mistakes or who live in error. This is not God! This is the human mind projecting a human mind onto God and projecting onto God human feelings and grievances." [2]

Limits to Human Comprehension

"You do not know God’s Will. Even if you have one of God’s great Messages to guide you, you still do not know God’s Will. It is not like your own. Unfortunately." [3]

"People will argue, of course, unwilling or unable to reconsider their position and to open themselves to the New Revelation. They think they understand God’s will and purpose for the peoples of this world. They think they understand what Revelation means and when it can occur. They think they understand. But who can understand this fully? Who has the wisdom and the breadth and the capacity to understand this fully? Surely this must exceed human comprehension. And surely there must be enough humility and honesty for people to realize that they cannot predict when and how the Creator of all the universes will speak to this one tiny little planet." [4]

"You cannot comprehend God with your intellect. You cannot reduce God down into a rational principle." [5]

"Until you realize and begin to consider that you are here for a greater purpose and that you have been sent into the world for a greater purpose, you will tend to want God to do favors for you— as if God were your little errand boy—and not seriously consider what God wills for you to do, what God has designed you to do and the purpose that has sent you into the world, to face the world under these very circumstances that God’s New Message is revealing." [6]

"The Creator has already given the great endowment of Knowledge. The Angels watch over the world. But the outcome is in the hands of the people. People can choose—as many other races in the Greater Community have chosen through time immemorial—to fail, to decline, to fall under the persuasion and domination of other forces. This has happened countless times both within your world and within the immense vastness of the Universe. What God wills and what people choose and want for themselves are not the same. This is the problem. This is the conundrum. This is what creates the great separation. This is what disables you from following Knowledge within yourself. This is what keeps people blind and engenders foolish and destructive behavior." [7]

God's Will For Your Life

"You are asked to receive, not to judge. You are asked to prepare for the world, not to use religion as a form of escape. You are asked to honor your deeper nature and to take the Steps to Knowledge so that its reality can become apparent to you. You are asked to end your ceaseless conflicts and to never think that you can conduct violence here on Earth in the name of God, for that is an abomination ... You are asked to learn and to prepare for a new world and to prepare for the realities and challenges and opportunities of emerging into a larger arena of intelligent life in the universe." [4]

"The Will of God is considered an option and not a certainty. As long as this is the case, [the Unseen Ones] must instruct you in how to choose wisely. But beyond this, choosing is not necessary."[8]

"It is the Will of Heaven that you respond to the New Revelation. It is the Will of Heaven that you take the Steps to Knowledge, patiently, without presumption, setting aside your beliefs, your preferences and your fears as you proceed so that you may engage with a greater strength, a greater integrity and a great purpose within yourself." [4]

"What God wills must be translated through human awareness, human relationships, human understanding and human behavior. God wills that you be happier than you are today, that you be more successful than you are today, that you be more compassionate than you are today, that you be more effective than you are today as an individual. Therefore, you see, what God wills must be translated into human experience." [9]

"You have been sent into the world to bring the light into the world, not to confirm the world’s darkness. God’s Will is that you bring the light into the world, not that you be banished to the world in darkness."[10]

God's Will for Nations

"To those who will be tempted to take up the sword in the name of religion or political advantage: You must recognize that your thoughts, your intent and your actions go against God’s will for humanity. They are in violation of what God intends for humanity. For God intends for humanity to become united and self-sufficient within a universe full of intelligent life." [11]

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God's Will For Humanity

"God must enter a world where God is not welcome, in ways that do not generate fear and panic amongst those who believe the world is their only reality. It is for this reason that the Will of God manifests itself in subtle and ingenious ways in this world."[12]

"It is the Creator’s will that humanity emerge into the Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe as a free and sovereign race—as a strong race, as a united race, as a race that is capable of maintaining its cultural diversity while honoring the deeper strength and purpose that will keep the human family strong, that will keep the human family vital, active and creative.

"The New Message from God presents a new opportunity for advancement in the future, but to advance you must survive. You must survive the difficult times ahead, and you must survive competition from beyond the world regarding who will control this world and its destiny." [13]

"The Creator of all life wills that humanity repair a world in decline to preserve human self-sufficiency and thus secure human freedom and independence in this world. The Creator of all life wills that humanity emerge into this Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe as a free and independent race able to sustain itself, able to establish itself, able to learn the Knowledge and wisdom it must gain in order to function within this larger environment.

"God does not care if you believe in Jesus, or if you follow the Koran, or if you try to be unattached with everything. God wants you to follow Knowledge." [14]

"God does not will that everyone be poor. But God wills that everyone have stability and security and adequate provision, and beyond this, simple things for the enjoyment of life." [3]

"God does not will that humanity have an overpopulated world, world of diminishing resources." [2]

"Gods Will is for humanity to unite, to preserve the world and to prepare for its future in the Greater Community—a future where humanity’s freedom will be challenged repeatedly, a future where humanity will be seduced by the offers of alien technology, a future with many hazards, but a future where humanity must maintain human freedom and sovereignty within this world. Lose this and you lose everything—all the accomplishments of humanity.

"Only God’s New Revelation can show you these things, for they were not part of God’s previous Revelations. Humanity did not need to know of the Greater Community, and humanity was not facing a world in decline in previous eras. But now you are facing these things, and you must prepare, and that is why an emissary was sent into the world bringing a New Message from God. He is not a savior. He is not magnificent. He is simple and humble. He is the Messenger." [5]

Concerning the New Message from God

"To claim that there can be no new Revelations is to proclaim your arrogance and ignorance and to think that you know more than the Creator. For no one on Earth knows what God will do next. Even the Angelic Presence does not know what God will do next, so what person can make such a claim? Surely it is the epitome of ignorance and arrogance!" [4]

"The Angelic Presence that oversees this world is translating the Will of the Creator into words and application, Teachings and Commentary that the people of the Earth can understand and apply today and tomorrow and the days to follow." [4]

"It is the Will of Heaven that this awareness and preparation be shared with others and that you become a vehicle for sharing it, very simply, by pointing to the New Revelation." [4]

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