Quotes About Giving

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Short Quotes

"Only those who know that they have come from their Ancient Home can give."

"It is important that you who come bearing gifts not only feel that you should give or that you must give but realize the extent to which you are given to."

"It is not you who does the giving. It is your Knowledge that does the giving through you."

"So, you are not the giver. You are the medium of the giving. this is a very important difference."

"Many people expect or demand devotion from others but are incapable of giving it themselves, for they wish to bargain with their affection."

Long Quotes

"You are here for a purpose.You went to great lengths to be here. You have something to give in being here. You cannot go beyond this world because you have not given what is essential for you to give here. Your giving contains your self-realization, and your Knowledge is your foundation."

"When you practice in meditation, you come to give yourself to it, and there is a response because your Teachers come to give themselves and that is the touch. That is where you touch each other. I give to you, you give to me and we share our mutual giving."

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