Quotes About Children

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Short Quotes

"Many of the greatest contributors to humanity were born under very unpleasant or impoverished circumstances. Often they were not the children of loving and protective parents."

  • Healing Relationships (September 9, 2008)

Long Quotes

"After your day of hard labor, you come back and you learn to still your mind and to listen. Here you are not simply asking God for things. You are learning to receive. It is difficult at first because the condition of your mind is so aggravated, is under so much pressure, is so consumed with trying to offset the effects of poverty and oppression that at first it seems almost impossible. But like all accomplishments, it takes time, patience and daily application. Even if you are living in a refugee camp or a slum of a city, you have the opportunity to develop an inner life and to teach this to your children."

  • The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed (April 18, 2008)

"Knowledge within you will not condemn the world. It is only here to activate a certain kind of change in the world. The more you become like Knowledge within yourself, the more you will benefit from its immense strength and fearlessness and power and effectiveness.

These are all recommendations for young people, but they apply to people of all ages. These are things you should teach your children. This helps them to build the foundation for becoming strong, balanced and powerful in their lives. This message is for young people, but again, its wisdom is for people of all ages. For learning the wisdom of the world is necessary and can be initiated at any age, and gaining contact with Knowledge and taking the steps to Knowledge within yourself is needed by all people at all times."

  • The New Message for Young People (Aug 18, 2008)

"Much of what holds people back in life is their unresolved feelings and judgments regarding their relationships, even relationships in the distant past. These feelings and judgments act as a kind of dam, holding people’s feelings back, arresting them in place, influencing their perception of other people and disabling them from being able to be emotionally open and accessible to their children and to other people." .....

"People carry this restraint into their parenting of their own children—keeping them distant from their children, disabling them from empathizing with their children. And they often end up acting like their own parents, reflecting their experience of parenting in their own childhood, carrying this forward now inappropriately with their own children, often subjecting their children to anger and harshness and emotional distance. It is a fundamental problem in human relationships, and it is not a problem that is unknown to people. It has become the focus for much therapy and mental health."

  • Healing Relationships (September 9, 2008)

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