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"Here is the problem with problems: little problem, big reaction; big problem, little reaction. This is the problem. This is the big problem." [1]

"The outer world will require constant adaptation and problem solving—constant problems, obstacles and difficulties along the way." [2]

"If you cannot see the problem, you will not see the solution."[3]


"Very few of the problems you consider require immediate action. So, the first step is to withdraw from the situation. Do not try to answer the question. The first step is recognizing that you must take a more comprehensive approach rather than simply trying to resolve the situation by putting an answer on top of it. This separates you from the problem and establishes that you are greater than the problem itself because you are establishing the means for its resolution. Next, you must take inventory of your preferences regarding the matter. 'What are my preferences regarding this situation?' To the degree to which you have strong preferences, it will be more difficult for you to experience Knowledge or know what to do. You will think you know what to do. You will think you have the answer or possible answers, but you have not found the real answer because the greater mind deep within you is not yet able to speak to your conscious mind. Therefore, withdraw from the problem and then begin to review your preferences or anxieties about it. Preferences and anxieties are very similar. They both distract you from focusing upon that place within yourself where the answer can emerge.Then, you must see if you really want resolution." [4]

A Condition of the Physical Reality

"It is your spiritual practice that will bring your mind and your body into real relationship with your deeper nature. This will give you a sense of integrity. This will allow you to feel right about your life. This will give you the criteria to bring your life into balance and harmony, to withdraw from relationships and involvements that have no purpose and no future and no chance of success, to refocus your life, to reorient your life to where Knowledge wants to take you, to where your heart wants to go. You still have all the problems of living in the physical reality: the problems of providing for yourself, the problems of establishing stability, the problems of learning how to communicate effectively with other people. But you are now being guided by a real power within yourself. And this will allow you to feel that your life is meaningful and has a real purpose and a real destiny, even if you cannot define these things for yourself." [2]

The Big Problem

"The big problem is that people do not respond to Knowledge. Knowledge is waving flags, giving indicators, doing everything to warn the person, but the person is not aware or is avoiding something. That is the big problem." [1]

"People are very anxious to have very big answers to very big questions." [4]

"What We offer you is the way out of this greater dilemma, not because someone is going to come and rescue you, not because some foreign power is going to come and rescue you—the foreign power is your problem, not your solution—not because some great saint or sage is going to come and lead humanity out of its great predicament. It is a Calling for people all around the world to respond."[5]


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