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"To find a greater identity and a greater purpose in life, you must go beyond human speculation and all the self-comforting ideas that you find reassuring or familiar."[1]

Not Knowledge

"People often confuse their preferences with their deeper needs. People will say, “Oh, I'm doing this because of Knowledge,” but they are really doing it because of their preferences in the matter. How can you tell the difference? You can tell the difference when you have experienced both your deeper needs and your preferences. The experience of Knowledge is completely different from the experience of personal preference. It is constant. It is overpowering. It is complete. It is harmonious. It is completely certain, and it is without ambivalence. In contrast, personal preference is weak and wavering. It comes and it goes. It is beset by guilt, doubt, frustration and conflict. You may feel ambivalent, conflicted or doubtful about something you know, and you often will. But the experience of Knowledge is a thousand times more powerful than the experience of personal preference. It does not change." [2]

In Relationships

"Knowledge must be demonstrated in your relationships, for these are the most difficult areas in which to be impartial. These are the most difficult areas in which to act without fear, guilt or preference. And these are the most difficult areas to release that which does not serve you." [3]

"When real meaning, purpose and value are not self-evident, people assign value to their relationships based upon their own immediate needs, preferences and understanding. This is how the substitutes for real meaning, purpose and value become established. This makes it very difficult for most people to have any comprehension of the true meaning, purpose and value of their own relationships. For without the truth, there can only be the substitutes for the truth. Real spiritual growth is concerned with outgrowing or setting aside the substitutes for truth so that the truth itself may be approached, comprehended, accepted and embraced." [4]

"You are living in the world, so you cannot see the world from a greater vantage point, at least not yet. But you can learn how to fit with others and how to allow for others not to fit with you. This would be obvious if you could see this clearly without preference or denial. Yet most people try and build their entire lives on preference and denial. You can learn how to naturally fit with others, but you must learn this patiently through direct experience with people." [3]

Seeing Without Preference

"You will be frustrated because you will see things that others cannot see, and you will know things that others either cannot or will not know. This is the price of knowing the truth. It sets you apart. Yet, this separation is temporary. It is only to reposition yourself in life in order to allow a greater understanding and Knowledge to emerge within you. This makes union with life and in life possible."[1]

"Therefore, it is best to set aside your preferences, which are all based upon your own fears—the fear of not having, all the catalog of fears. Your reaction to them is to create a catalog of preferences, desires and requests. You call this the truth, or your philosophy. But it is all based on fear, you see."[5]


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