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*[http://www.newmessage.org/nmfg/How_We_Live__Worldwide_Community_of_the_New_Message_from_God.html  Being a Person of the New Message: How We Live]
*[http://www.newmessage.org/nmfg/How_We_Live__Worldwide_Community_of_the_New_Message_from_God.html  Being a Person of the New Message: How We Live]
*[http://www.newknowledgelibrary.org/products/Taking-the-Steps-to-Knowledge.html Taking the Steps to Knowledge]
*[http://www.newmessage.org/taking-the-steps-to-knowledge Taking the Steps to Knowledge]
==See also==
==See also==
[[Spiritual practice]]
[[Spiritual practice]]

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“I accept my Knowledge as a gift from God. I accept my Teachers as my elder brothers and sisters. I accept my world as a place where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed. I accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge. I accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence of Knowledge and I give myself now to cultivate that which is of the greatest good within myself to be given to the world.”[1]


"In stillness, then, practice twice today feeling the power of God. Do not seek for answers from God. You need not speak at all but only be present, for as you learn to be in relationship with that which is the source of all your relationships, the information that you need can come easily to you to guide you, comfort you and correct you when necessary. But first you must feel the power of God, and in this you will find your own strength."[2]

"Be attentive upon the hour today and have confidence that being attentive will yield its own true results for you.... In your deeper meditation practices be attentive, be present and give yourself in stillness within the sanctuary of Knowledge. You need only be attentive. Judgment is not necessary."[3]

The Great Practices

Beginner's mind

"Three times today spend 10 minute thinking about what Knowledge is, not merely applying your own ideas, not merely applying your past understanding, but thinking about what Knowledge really is."[4]


"Look upon people in the world and see how homeless they appear to be. Remember how they are truly at home but do not realize it. Like yourself, they are asleep at home. You are learning now to awaken from your sleep, and you are realizing that you are still at home because your Spiritual Family is with you, Knowledge is with you and your Teachers are with you." [5]


"Allow your confidence to dispel fear, doubt and anxiety. Support your efforts today, for they require your support on behalf of a greater certainty that you are now learning to receive."[6]

"Spend two ... periods of 15 to 20 minutes in considering what your true foundation may be. Think of all your ideas about this."[7]

"Practice feeling the presence of God, silently, in stillness. Not thinking about God, not speculating, not wondering, not doubting, but simply feeling."[8]


"Return to being with Knowledge, in humility and simplicity, in stillness and in silence. Breathe Knowledge in. Allow Knowledge to enter and fill your body. Allow yourself to be immersed in Knowledge and all things will become clear, for with Knowledge all things become clear and all questions disappear."[9]


"Practice in stillness feeling the power of Knowledge. Do not ask questions. That is not necessary now. Do not argue with yourself about the reality of your pursuit, for that is wasteful and meaningless. You cannot know until you receive, and to receive you must trust your inclination to know. Today be with Knowledge. In your practice periods, let nothing dissuade you. You need only relax and be present."[10]


"Silently and in stillness, as you sink into the depths of Knowledge, receive the peace and the confirmation that are your birthright."[11]

The Great Practices


"Give your full attention to feeling the truth arising within yourself. Practice in stillness, and do not be discouraged if it is difficult at first. Simply practice and you will proceed. Throughout the day..., without doubt or hesitation, pursue your true goal in life. From this true goal will come all of the important things that you will need to accomplish and the great power of vision and discernment that will allow you to find those individuals that you have come into the world to find."[12]

The Great Practices


"PRACTICE CONSISTENTLY. Practice upon the hour, reminding yourself to be consistent. In your two meditations, practice keeping your mind steady and focused, allowing it to settle into itself so that it may experience its own nature. Do not repress what is occurring within you. Do not control what is occurring without. Simply maintain consistency, and all things will find a right balance and relationship to this."[13]


"Feel your desire to contribute to others.You do not need now to determine what you wish to contribute."[14]


"Sit quietly with your eyes closed, breathing deeply and regularly, attempting to feel the truth beyond the constant restlessness of your mind. Use your breath to take you deeper, for your breathing will always take you beyond your thoughts if you adhere yourself to it conscientiously. Let nothing distract or dissuade you. If something permeates your mind and you have difficulty releasing it, tell yourself that you will look at it a little later, but that right now you are taking a small vacation from your mind. Practice feeling the truth. Do not think the truth. Practice feeling the truth."[15]


"In your two meditation practices today, attempt to feel the presence of ... true assistance. In stillness and in silence, feel this within your life and around you. These meditation practices will begin to open a greater sensitivity within you, a whole new sense. You will begin to discern things that are present, even though you cannot see them. You will be able to respond to ideas and information, even though you cannot hear the source of the message yet. This is the actual process in creative thinking, for people receive ideas; they do not create them. You are part of a greater life. Your personal life is the vehicle for its expression. Your individuality, then, becomes more highly cultivated and more joyful, a prison no longer for you, but the form of your joyful expression. True assistance is available to you. Practice this day feeling its abiding presence in your life."[16]

Decision making

"In your two longer meditation practices today, using the word RAHN, enter deeply into Knowledge. Enter deeply into the presence of life. Enter deeply into this experience. Continue to direct your mind towards this accomplishment. Continue to set aside anything that affects you or holds you back. In this way, you train the mind and prepare it as well for that which is most natural to it to occur. Follow Knowledge this day. If Knowledge indicates something and you are very certain about this, follow it and be observant. See what happens and try to learn to distinguish Knowledge from your impulses, your wishes, your fears and your avoidances."[17]

The Great Practices

Detached observation

"Practice looking upon one simple mundane object. Do not take your eyes off of that object, but look and practice looking very conscientiously. You are not trying to see anything. You are simply looking with an open mind. When the mind is open, it experiences its own depth, and it experiences the depth of what it is perceiving. Choose one simple object that has very little meaning for you and gaze upon it twice today for at least 15 minutes. Allow your mind to become very still. Breathe deeply and regularly as you gaze upon this object. Allow your mind to settle down into itself.[18]


"Try to see in your observations of others how captivating the world is and how captivating the mind is. Ultimately, the only thing that can keep you from Knowledge is the mind. It may seem like the world is dominating you, but in reality it is the mind. Observe this. You will not have to look far. It is all around you. You can look at your own experience to see how close at hand this is and how important it is for you to be present wherever you are and with whatever you are doing."[19]


"Your Teachers love you, surround you and support you, for you are emerging into Knowledge. This calls them to your side. You are one of the few who has the promise and the opportunity to emerge from the sleep of your own imagination into the grace of Reality.... [F]eel this love, support and direction. It is a feeling. It is not ideas. It is a feeling. It is something you must feel. Love is something you must feel to know. You are indeed loved, surrounded and supported by your Teachers, and you are very worthy of their great gift to you.[20]

The Great Practices


"In your longer practice periods, engage yourself ... with attempting to comprehend today’s lesson. Do not be happy with false assumptions. Consider all thoughts and feelings in favor of or against today’s idea [I MUST LEARN TO GIVE WITH DISCERNMENT]. Begin to observe your own ambitions. Begin to observe how they are born of your fears. Begin to discern how simple it is to follow Knowledge. With simplicity comes power. You must learn discernment. Learning this will take time. In this, you learn to utilize all experiences for good, for no experience should be condemned. It should always be used for learning and preparation. In this way, you will not justify error, but use it for your own development and for the advancement of the world.[21]


"In silent meditation, practice feeling the strength of your own will. Do not let fear and doubt cloud your mind. You need not try to feel the will of God. It is simply there. It only requires your attention for you to recognize it. Therefore, practice deeply by simply being present to this experience."[22]


"Wherever you go, whatever you do, the fire of Knowledge is burning within you. Feel it burning. Upon the hour feel it burning. Regardless of what you see and what you think, feel the fire of Knowledge burning.... In your two deeper practice periods re-enter the fire of Knowledge in the sanctuary of Knowledge. Remember that this fir[23]


"Receive the source of your Knowledge. Remind yourself that you are free to do this. Regardless of fear or anxiety, regardless of any sense of guilt or shame, allow yourself to receive the source of your Knowledge."[24]

"Upon the hour repeat today's idea [FREEDOM IS WITH ME] and take a moment to feel that freedom is with you. As you come closer to freedom throughout the day, you will be able to recognize more and more clearly what holds you back. You will realize that it is but your adherence to your own thoughts that holds you back. It is your interest in your own imagination that holds you back. This will lighten your burden, and you will realize that a true choice is available. This realization will give you the strength to come to freedom today. In your two deep meditation practices, repeat today’s idea and attempt to allow your mind to be still, which is the beginning of its freedom. This practice in stillness will enable your mind to shake loose the chains that bind it."[25]


"Upon the hour today, repeat today’s idea ['I DO NOT KNOW WHAT FULFILLMENT IS'] and consider it seriously in view of yourself and the world around you. Today, in your two long practice periods, once again spend time seriously considering this idea. Remember to think of your own life in these practice periods and apply today’s idea to the plans that you are aware of concerning your own fulfillment. These thinking meditations require mental work. Here you will not be still. You will be investigating. You will be exploring. You will be actively using your mind to penetrate things that you recognize exist there. This is a time for serious introspection. When you realize that what you thought you knew is only a form of imagination, then you will realize your great need for Knowledge."[26]

The Great Practices


"Upon the hour, give yourself in each circumstance in which you find yourself. Do not come begging for ideas or information, but come to receive and come to give. As you give yourself, you will receive and in this you will learn the ancient law that to give is to receive. This must be born completely in your experience so that you may fully comprehend its meaning and its application in the world."[27]

"Your practice is a gift to the world, for it gives that which you are affirming within yourself.What you affirm within yourself you affirm for all individuals, in all circumstances, in all worlds and in all dimensions.Thus, you affirm the reality of Knowledge.Thus, you affirm your Ancient Home while you are here. Upon the hour, give to the world through your practice of giving. Remind yourself of this. In your two longer practice periods, give yourself completely into stillness and silence. Give of your heart and give of your mind. Give all that you realize you can give, for this is a gift to the world.Though you cannot as yet see the result, have confidence that this giving will extend beyond your own mind and will touch all minds in the universe, for all minds are truly joined in reality." [28]


"Today in your two deep practice periods, you are asked to think of those people who have given to you, to think of them and nothing else during your period of practice. You are asked to consider very deeply what they have done for you. With those with whom you are angry and upset, try to see how they, too, have given service to you in the reclamation of Knowledge. Do not bear false witness against your feelings, but in spite of your feelings towards them, if there are ill feelings, attempt also to recognize their service to you.... Allow your two practice periods to be quite focused. Concentrate. Use the power of your mind. Think of those individuals who have served you. If individuals come to mind whom you had not considered having served you, think how they have served you as well. Let this day be a day of recognition. Let this be a day of restitution."[29]

"Upon the hour, then, repeat this statement [I WILL REMEMBER THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN TO ME TODAY] and take a moment to recall those who have given to you. Try to think very carefully of the individuals who have given benefit to you, both by demonstrating their Wisdom and their error. Think of those who have illustrated the way to go and the way not to go. As you inquire further into this in your two longer practice periods today, try to think more carefully and allow any individual who comes to mind to be the subject of your investigation. This is an active practice time in your meditation periods."[30]


"Take this idea with you [that KNOWLEDGE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN I REALIZE] and practice it upon the hour. Keep it in mind throughout the day. In your two longer practice periods, allow yourself to experience the depth of Knowledge. Feel the power of Knowledge. Strengthen your resolve to do so. Dedicate your self-discipline, for here self-discipline is wisely employed. Knowledge is greater than you realize. Therefore, you must learn to receive its greatness."[31]


"Spend at least 15 minutes thinking of all the ways to gain access to Knowledge. Write down on a piece of paper all the ways to get to Knowledge. Spend both practice periods doing this and exhaust all the possibilities that you can think of. Try to be very specific. Use your imagination, but chart out routes that appear to be quite real and meaningful to you. In this way, you will know what you think about how to find a way to Knowledge, and from this you will realize that God knows the way to Knowledge."[32]


"Upon the hour repeat ['I AM HONORED BY GOD'] and consider it seriously. In your two practice periods, allow your mind once again to be still and receptive so that you may learn to receive the honor that God has for you."[33]

The Great Practices

Inner listening

"Listen without judgment of yourself, even if the content of your thoughts is disturbing. Even if the content of your thoughts is disagreeable, you must listen without judgment to allow your mind to open."[34]

"Listen for deeper inclinations. Again you must listen without judgment. You must not edit anything. You must listen deeply so that you may learn to hear."[35]

"In ... three 15-minute practice periods, practice listening to the truth, trying to listen beyond the mind and emotions. Again do not be concerned if all you hear is the rushing about of your own thoughts.... [T]his day practice listening, taking these practice periods to devote yourself so that you may feel the truth arising within you[36]


"Observe your world without judgment and observe what you are doing in the world without judgment. Then feel if anything needs to be done. View the world without judgment, for this will enable you to see the world as it really is."[37]


"TODAY REMIND YOURSELF UPON THE HOUR of your intent to realize your purpose. Let today be a step in that direction—a step that will save you years and years of time, a step that will advance you forever towards your goal of Knowledge, for Knowledge is drawing you. In your two deeper practice periods, allow Knowledge to draw you. Feel the greater attraction within you, which you will naturally feel if you are not preoccupied with little things."[38]

The Great Practices


"Think of someone in need and then give them a quality that you wish to receive yourself. Send that individual that quality. Send them love or strength or faith or encouragement or determination or surrender or acceptance or self-discipline—whatever they need to bring about resolution in their lives.”[39]

The Great Practices

Listening to the world

"Upon each hour practice listening to the world around you and the world within. Repeat the affirmation [TODAY I WILL LEARN TO LISTEN TO LIFE] and then practice this. It only takes a moment."[40]


"Each hour today as you look upon the world, recognize that love within you will speak for itself."[41]

The Great Practices


"Today ask yourself what you really know and distinguish what you know from what you think or hope for or want for yourself or your world, what you are afraid of, what you believe in, what you cherish and what you value. Distinguish this question from all such orientations to the very best of your ability and ask yourself, 'What do I really know?'"[42]

"Today in ... three brief practice periods, in which you devote your total attention to examining your assumptions, think about the things you really think you know, including things that you have not thought to question before—things that you think you know."[43]

"Think about this statement [I BELIEVE WHAT I WANT TO BELIEVE]. Examine what you believe and then examine what you want."[44]


"Practice ... affirming that you will learn to be patient and that you will become observant of your life rather than critical of your life. Affirm that you will become objective about your abilities and your circumstances so that you may apply a greater certainty to them."[45]

The Great Practices


"Practice stillness. Simply receive this stillness, this gift, this reprieve, the luxury of peace where no problems have to be solved and nothing has to be contemplated or corrected. Do not see this as an effort, but as a gift." [46]


"Concentrate in meditation upon feeling the presence of your Spiritual Teachers. This is not something you have to try to do. It simply means relaxing, breathing and allowing your mind to open."[47]


"Begin by acknowledging to yourself that you are a beginning student of Knowledge and by reminding yourself to make no premature conclusions either about this curriculum or about your abilities as a student. Such judgments are premature and rarely reflect the truth in any way. They are usually a form of self-discouragement and thus serve no worthy purpose at all. After declaring ['I AM A BEGINNING STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE'] to yourself and reminding yourself not to judge, practice 15 minutes of inner stillness in your two practice periods. Attempt to feel the truth within you. Focus your mind on one point, either a physical point or an imaginary point if necessary. Let everything settle down inside. Let yourself become as quiet as possible, and do not be discouraged if there is difficulty.' [48]


"Today think about where you are. If you are not with Knowledge, where are you? Therefore, three times today, 10 minutes each, think about where you are, not just physically or geographically, but where you are in terms of your awareness of yourself in the world. Think very, very carefully. Do not allow your mind to distract you from this orientation."[49]


"Know that all of your efforts on behalf of Knowledge are supplemented by those who practice with you—those whom you can see and those whom you cannot see. In your deeper practices allow your own self-discipline, which prepares you to enter into stillness and peace, to be supplemented as well."[50]

Power of God

"Once again enter into stillness and allow yourself to feel the power of God. Utilize your own power to direct your mind, and do not let doubts or fears dissuade you. The power of God represents the mystery of your life, for it represents the power that you have brought with you from God to be utilized properly in the world according to the Greater Plan. Allow yourself, then, to enter into practice with dedication, with simplicity and with humility so that you may feel the power of God."[51]

"You do not need to conjure up magical images, for this power is something that you can feel, for it is everywhere."[52]

"Do not seek for answers from God. You need not speak at all but only be present, for as you learn to be in relationship with that which is the source of all your relationships, the information that you need can come easily to you to guide you, comfort you and correct you when necessary. But first you must feel the power of God, and in this you will find your own strength."[53]

The Great Practices


"Feel the presence of your teachers today who abide with you and oversee your preparation as a student of Knowledge. Feel their presence today and you will feel your own presence, for you are joined together in this presence that you feel. Remember that you are not alone, and you will not become isolated in your own thoughts.... Allow yourself to experience the presence of love, which is the presence of Knowledge, which is the presence of Wisdom, which is the presence of certainty, which is the source of your purpose, meaning and direction in the world and which contains for you your calling in the world. Come into the proximity and into the experience of this presence in your deeper meditations. Do not neglect this, for here you will experience self-love, self-worth and true inclusion in life.Take this presence with you today and receive this presence in your deeper meditations, and you will know that the presence is with you every day."[54]

"Practice remembering this upon the hour by once again concentrating on the presence that is with you. You need only relax to feel it, for it is most certainly with you. In your deeper practices, once again enter stillness in the sanctuary of Knowledge so that you may receive this presence and the great confirmation and comfort that it gives to you. Allow yourself to leave self-doubt and the sense of unworthiness aside, for these things will be consumed in the fire of Knowledge and purified from your mind. When this is done, you will not need to give yourself grandiose ideas of yourself. You will not need to misrepresent yourself in the attempt to escape your sense of guilt and inadequacy, for guilt and inadequacy are consumed in the fire of Knowledge. Therefore, bring all that obstructs your participation and all fears that haunt and oppress you to the fire of Knowledge so that they may be consumed. You will sit in front of this fire, and you will see them being consumed, and you will feel your mind being bathed and cleansed in the loving fire of Knowledge. The presence is with you every day. The fire of Knowledge is with you every day."[55]

The Great Practices


"In your deeper practice periods today, actively engage your mind to review all of your small personal problems. Review all of the things you think hold you back and all of the things you think you must resolve for yourself. As you look at each one objectively, without denial, remember and remind yourself that a greater calling is given you which will correct these things or make their correction unnecessary. Remind yourself that Knowledge will provide correction at all levels as your life becomes uniform and directed, as your Knowledge begins to emerge and as your true sense of self begins to be recognized and received."[56]

"Upon the hour remind yourself not to define your purpose, and begin to think of the cost of doing so in terms of your own past experience."[57]

"Dwell upon the idea that there is a great mission that you have in life. Think about this. Do not become immediately convinced by your own first responses. Think about it carefully. Think what this could mean. Think of the moments in your life when you have thought of this before or have entertained its possibility. In your two practice periods, you will have an opportunity then to consider this, but beware—make no conclusions yet."[58]

The Great Practices


"You are learning now to receive. The world blesses you as you learn to receive, for Knowledge will flow into you as you become an open receptacle for Knowledge. And you will draw that which is life into yourself, for life is always attracted to those who give. Understand this in its full depth today as you remind yourself upon the hour that life gives to you as you are still. In your two meditation practices, enter stillness once again and feel life being drawn into you. This is a natural attraction. As your giving and stillness become greater, you will feel life being drawn into you, for you will in time become a source of nourishment for life."[59]


"Feel your desire to see a different world. Look at the world without judgment and say to yourself, 'I wish to see a different world.' Do this every hour. Try not to miss any practice sessions. Practice no matter how you feel, no matter what is occurring."[60]


"What are the behaviors that you engage in now that are not in keeping with your values or your sense of integrity? Write these down and really focus upon them. And see what kind of behaviors or activities can replace these things that would be in keeping with your values and sense of integrity." [61]


"In silence and in stillness, attempt to feel your own strength. Do not let thoughts alone dissuade you, for fears and doubts are only thoughts—vaporous things that cross your mind like clouds. Beyond the clouds of your mind is the great universe of Knowledge. Therefore, do not let the clouds obstruct your view of the stars beyond."[62]

The Great Practices


"Each hour you will need to check in to see your thoughts and to observe your current behavior.... Each practice period need only take several minutes but should be given your full attention. You need not close your eyes to do this, though if it is appropriate, it will be helpful. You may practice in the middle of a conversation with another. In fact, there are very few circumstances that will prevent this moment of introspection. In practice you simply ask yourself, 'How do I feel?' and 'What am I doing now?' That is all. Then feel if there is something you must do that you are not doing. If there are no corrections to be made, continue on with what you are doing. If there are corrections to be made, make them as expediently as possible. Allow your inner guidance to influence you, which it will do if you are not governed by impulses, fear or ambition. Observe yourself this day."[63]


"In stillness take refuge in the temple of Knowledge within you. Attempt here to be still and simply feel the power of Knowledge in your life. Bring not your questions, for they will be answered by Knowledge as it emerges within you. Come in openness, seeking relief, seeking comfort, seeking power and seeking certainty. These you will experience because these emanate from the essence of Knowledge within you. Let this day be a day of self-trust and therefore a day of self-love."[64]

The Great Practices


"In your two deeper practice periods, abide with Knowledge. Do not attempt to answer your problems, but simply be still and receptive. Knowledge is aware of what things must be addressed and will cast its influence upon you so that you may respond to it and follow its direction. Without continual interference from you, the obvious will arise, and you will learn what to do step by step. Thus it is that you will realize there is a simple answer for all problems that face you."[65]


"Today, in two 15-minute practices, feel the presence of the Teachers of God. You cannot yet see them with your eyes, and you cannot yet hear them with your ears because these faculties of sense have not been refined sufficiently yet, but you can feel their presence, for their presence surrounds and protects you. In your practice, let not other thoughts interfere. Do not give in to doubt or confusion, for you must prepare to have the reward that you seek, and you must know that you are not alone in the world to have the strength, the confidence and the resource of Wisdom necessary to achieve that which you were sent here to achieve."[66]

The Great Practices


"With your eyes closed in meditation, consider why you need a Teacher. Observe any thoughts that seem to indicate that you could do it on your own if you were smart enough or strong enough or met some other qualification. If these expectations arise, recognize them for what they are. They are an insistence that you remain ignorant by proclaiming yourself an adequate instructor. You cannot teach yourself what you do not know, and the attempt to do so merely recirculates old information and binds you closer to where you are now. Therefore, in practice today recognize your need for true instruction and your resistance, if it is there, to the presence of true instruction which is available to you now."[67]


"In ... two longer practice periods, each of a 30-minute duration, sit quietly with your eyes closed, breathing deeply and regularly, attempting to feel the truth beyond the constant restlessness of your mind. Use your breath to take you deeper, for your breathing will always take you beyond your thoughts if you adhere yourself to it conscientiously. Let nothing distract or dissuade you. If something permeates your mind and you have difficulty releasing it, tell yourself that you will look at it a little later, but that right now you are taking a small vacation from your mind. Practice feeling the truth. Do not think the truth. Practice feeling the truth."[68]


"Today upon each hour, feel your desire to see a different world. Look at the world without judgment and say to yourself, 'I wish to see a different world.' Do this every hour. Try not to miss any practice sessions. Practice no matter how you feel, no matter what is occurring.... Practice this day looking without judgment and feeling as you look."[60]


"In your two practice periods today, practice receiving once again the love, support and direction of your Teachers, and if any thought obstructs this, if any feeling prevents this, remind yourself of your great worthiness. You are worthy not for what you have done in the world. You are worthy for who you are, where you have come from and where you are going." [69]

"Practice feeling this relationship. Again you are asked to receive because you must receive this to give it. Once it is received, it will give of itself naturally. In the process of this your worth is re-established because it is quite apparent. You do not need to misrepresent yourself or your experience. To share a great love honestly means you must be experiencing it. It is this experience that we wish to give you today." [70]

The Great Practices


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