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Revelation is a gift that is given to certain individuals who will have a prominent role to play in leading others. It happens very rarely and only under very special circumstances. It is meant to initiate these individuals and to confirm their Knowledge. It occurs when time is of the essence, and they must engage with a higher purpose or lose their great opportunity altogether. Revelation is an extreme exercise to initiate something that must happen now.” [1]

What it is

"… the revelation is a transference of power from the divine through the individual in the form of a contribution to the world that they are designed to make at a certain time and place with certain people.” [2]

“…Here your mind and your body need to become vehicles for a greater expression and purpose. To allow this to manifest in specific and mundane ways where it is intended and where it is needed—this is revelation. [1]

"Then, whatever you give in the world will be blessed with a greater experience of presence. Grace will be with you. People will experience this in your presence… Something magical and wonderful will happen between you, something lasting and pervasive, not sudden and romantic.” [1]

“…the revelation is a profound shift internally, a shift that is so substantial that it alters your relationship with everyone and everything and is happening beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. It is mysterious. It is has a power unlike anything else in the world, it speaks down and echoes through the corridors of your ancient mind. It is unlike any other experience you can have in life. It is not intoxicating it is not euphoric it is profound and grounded and real and essential as if something in you has been awakened, a power you barely know, a power you have not yet learned to trust, a power that you cannot control, it has been awakened by god, it has been awakened because the circumstances of the world are calling for it now. It has been awakened and you must awaken with it.” [2]

“…a translator, a medium for a Greater reality to express itself in the world and for great gifts to be given, even in the simplest and most mundane circumstances.” [1]


“…the revelation will show you how true it really is by clearing away everything else momentarily so that you can see in the brilliance of the illumination your true nature and purpose for being in the world; this will be shown to you in illumination but you must still undergo the process of revelation. You will come back to the world changed but not transformed. You will still be your old self but with the new self beginning to emerge.” [2]

"And there may be great moments of illumination, but these in themselves are signs that you have turned a corner and are in the process of turning that corner." [2]

Individuals Who Are Ready

“It is important to understand that at any point in time in the world, certain people are called. And this calling comes both from within them and from the outside. It is a calling that reverberates in the world and within their inner being, but it is a calling that only they can feel, and perhaps another who is there to assist them and support them in their own personal revelation.” [2]

“So something has to happen on the inside that makes you begin to look at something bigger that you are already a part of, that you are sent here to be a part of, that you are designed to be a part of, that you are destined to be a part of. This is what God’s New Message for the world provides, as the pathway for personal revelation for all who can walk it.” [3]

“Yet for those whose service to the world is meant to be more of a bridge between the Divine and human life, these spiritual experiences are more likely.” [1]

"You may ask “am I already in this process of revelation”. This is important for you should not assume you are. If you have reached a point where you cannot go back to your former life, you cannot go back to your former relationships, you cannot go back to your previous way of living and thinking and associating with others, and this recognition is complete and you feel a power urging you forward into the unknown, into new territory, then it is likely that you have begun the process of revelation, it is only the power of knowledge within you urging you forward that you will know for sure, because the threshold are invisible, you pass through them and then your experience begins to change at a fundamental level... Therefore do not assume “Oh yes I am in this process of revelation” because you probably are not." [2]

“Not everyone is ready for their personal revelation. That is not your concern. Your concern is if you are ready, if you are ready to go through the process of revelation—a process of illumination, a process of change, a process of re-evaluation, a process of shifting your emphasis in life from Separation to union and relationship. You must think on these things, and keep thinking on these things, and never stop thinking on these things.” [4]

The Messengers

“My background is really more as a minister. I left my work as a Special Ed teacher for the blind almost 40 years ago, began to teach Inner Guidance, had a personal revelation in 1982, which confronted with me with a Voice that had been counseling me both in my Inner Guidance work and as a special educator. And that had a tremendous impact on altering the course of my life, and since then I have been receiving a vast body of teaching and insight, commentary called The New Message for Humanity.” [5]

“[The Messenger] is not here to give you what you want. He may not even give you what you think you need in the moment. But he is giving you the pathway to your own personal revelation, to your restoration and your redemption. And he is bringing it to you in the clearest possible terms.” [6]

“The mission of the Messenger is to bring the Revelation into the world, to find its first respondents, to give them the opportunity to engage with the Revelation and to come to terms with their own deeper nature and calling in life. That is why a great deal of the Teaching has been given, to pave the way for personal revelation for those who can receive it, adapt to it and apply it in their lives successfully.” [7]

“But Muhammad did not compile the Qur’an as he was charged to do, for he perished and died before it could be completed. It was, therefore, assembled by different individuals who had different intentions, and the great Suras of personal revelation were left out. Islam became a religion of obedience and submission, which were necessary at that time especially. But the revelations of personal realization and the love of God were not included.” [8]

The Sacred Path

“If you have not reached this point of revelation, then it is important to take the Steps to Knowledge to prepare your mind, to simplify your life, to re-evaluate your relationships and your activities, your commitments and your obligations." [2]

“…Those who cultivate stillness with a desire for Knowledge will be preparing themselves for greater revelation and true insight to emerge.” [9]

"Become close to Knowledge. Associate with those who are advanced in Knowledge. And associate with those who are beginning like you. Forget what you have learned before. Do not think you are advanced already. Be a beginner. Have an open mind. Do not claim advancement… a Greater Power will slowly emerge within you and will give a sense of security to your personal mind which it could never have received from anything else. Then your personal mind will come into service to a Greater Power within you." [1]

“The individual’s ability to undergo the preparation, to gain access to the power of Knowledge and to follow this faithfully—without trying to control or manipulate this greater intelligence—is a tremendous challenge and opportunity. Yet it represents redemption for the individual because it is through Knowledge that you reconnect with God, that you rediscover that you have a greater purpose in life and are able to follow the steps of its revelation—a personal revelation.” [10]

“It is not something that you can control. You cannot force yourself to have this personal revelation because it involves contact with the spiritual powers around you and the will of the creator. Therefore through arduous spiritual practice or through intense personal affirmation, you cannot make this revelation occur. If your spiritual practice is effective, however, it will hasten and quicken the moment when this revelation will come. But the day and the hour is still beyond you, it is not something you control. It is not your personal creation. It is part of creation itself.” [2]

Gradual Awakening

“Revelation is part of your renewal. It will most likely be very slow and very gradual. You will not experience it every moment.” [1]

“The yearning of the soul for its true engagement in the world… It is a personal revelation, and it does not come all at once.” [11]

“Revelation grows slowly. It grows with Knowledge because with Knowledge there comes an experience and a sense of origin and destiny that the world cannot challenge. It is something that is felt and known. Details are not important. The closer you are to your purpose, the more you will have this experience. The more you are able to gain a relationship with Knowledge without abusing this privilege, the more this experience will grow for you. The freer your mind is from past-referencing, the more space there will be within you for Grace to fill. This is revelation.” [1]

“For now, you are on a journey. You only know this journey because you feel it, for something is stirring deep inside. This is the very beginning of your personal revelation, which will unfold incrementally as you proceed, and as long as you proceed, it will continue.” [12]

Timing is Important

“Revelation is at the discretion of your Spiritual Family and the Unseen Ones who guide your Spiritual Family and represent it. Some people go for many years wanting this, urgently hoping for this, but it does not happen for them. Others have never even thought of it, and yet it occurs for them. Why is this? It has to do with a person’s readiness and purpose. Some people need this experience in order to confirm their allegiance to Knowledge. For others, such an experience would be a great setback.” [1]

“Revelation is something that must happen for certain people at certain times because they cannot delay any longer. They must become engaged now. They must take a critical next step. Others are waiting for them. Even if they do not think they are ready, they must assume their role and responsibility.” [1]

Dangers and Pitfalls

“This relationship, however, which is so primary, can never be your sole focus, for God wants your eyes turned to the world where you have come to serve and to work.” [1]

“So failure here can happen at many stages. You can fail to prepare your revelation, you can fail to undergo your revelation, and you can fail to fulfill your revelation, which is the failure to contribute the gifts that will emerge naturally and which have always been there for you. The failure is always a retreat into fantasy, into romance, into obsession, a retreat back into a state of separation, a retreat into the past or your imagination of the past, the wrong person, the wrong engagement, an obsession — any of these things can take you off course as you are undergoing this delicate and precise process of revelation.” [2]

"There are people who are addicted to substances who entered that phase because they failed a step in the process of the revelation.” [2]

“They can be very frightening to the mind that is not yet ready for them. And they will most certainly be disorienting, for now you are experiencing two realities that seem to have very little to do with each other. The recipient must be ready for this, must receive it graciously and must be able to interpret its meaning and patiently exercise its Wisdom. Otherwise, it will be a traumatic event that will be misinterpreted and misunderstood.” [1]

“For if your hour comes and you are not ready well, you will have missed the most important time of your life. The greatest opportunity of your life. The greatest turning point of your life. It will come, it will reside with you, and it will pass. And it may not come again for a very long time... But this may be years and decades away. And if you are older in life, it may not come again for you.” [2]

“Many people claim revelatory experiences. They say angels appear to them and they receive fantastic information. They say that all kinds of dramatic events are happening regularly as part of their experience. Be very skeptical. It is possible for you to be in contact with other minds in other dimensions. It is possible for you to be in contact with minds in other worlds. It is possible for you to be in contact with other minds in this world, without knowing who you are speaking to or what their intent or motivation is. That is why students of Knowledge do not dabble in these kinds of things. That is why students of Knowledge stay close to Knowledge and close to life and do not veer off into trying to have incredible experiences… This is enchanting and intriguing, perhaps, but it leads nowhere and can indeed be a dangerous distraction, preventing people from meeting and facing the real needs and challenges of their lives which are calling to them even at this moment.” [1]


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