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“While everything appears to be normal in these days, Great Waves of change are coming to the world, change on a level never seen before, change that will affect every person in the world. Greater than the world wars, it will be. Greater than the great pandemics of the past will it be, Great Waves of change, as humanity has plundered the world and has destroyed your natural inheritance to such a great degree that the world will change now, becoming a more difficult place for the human family.”[1]

“There will be a great risk of pandemic illness that will arise out of deteriorating conditions, particularly in large urban areas. Many people may perish. It will be an immense and traumatic set of events.”[2]

Pandemic as a Great Wave of change

“At this time, humanity is facing great challenges, perhaps greater than anything it has ever faced before. At this threshold, humanity is facing the prospect of living in a world of diminishing resources; facing the impacts of environmental disruption, global warming, violent weather and pandemic disease.”[3]

"There are a few things that are important. You must become aware of situations around the world regarding the availability of food and water. You must become aware of changes in climate and its effect upon food production in the world and its effect upon the well-being of people in both urban and rural environments. You must be aware of political and economic instability and how it is manifesting in certain places. You must be aware of the outbreaks of pandemic illnesses. And you must be aware of conflicts that continue to exist and conflicts that may emerge in the future. When you look at the world, look for these things. Just bear witness to them and see if there are any signs. Not everything you will look at is important. Not everything you look at will be a sign."[4]

"Given the difficulties of facing the Great Waves of change—environmental deterioration, the decline of your resources and the resulting problems in food production, the distribution of essential resources for people, the risk of pandemic illness and the threat of war and conflict—all of these things represent the immense danger that humanity now faces and will face increasingly as you proceed."[5]

A test of preparedness and resilience

"The Creator of all life has given you the power of Knowledge to give you the possibility to know these things. This is to prepare you for eventualities and also to prepare you for the unexpected events and hazards that will become ever more likely as humanity faces the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—environmental decline, diminishing resources, ever growing economic and political instability, a changing climate, the loss of food production, the risk of pandemic illness and the risk of ever-growing competition and conflict of war over the remaining resources. These are the Great Waves of change. In addition to this, humanity is facing Intervention from certain races in the Universe who want to take advantage of humanity’s lack of wisdom and its divisions in order to gain a greater influence here in the future. These are the Great Waves of Change, yet who can see them? Who can face them? Who can discern their meaning? Who can consider the various outcomes that may result from this? Who has the presence of mind, the objectivity, the freedom from personal preference and a strong enough connection to Knowledge to face this, to see this, to understand this and to discern its great impact upon the world and what individuals and nations must do now to prepare?[6]

“The poor people of the world are being impacted directly, facing ever greater costs for everything that they need. And they are facing the impact of violent weather destroying crops, devastating towns and cities, creating immense instability and a human welfare problem. They are facing the growing risk of disease, even pandemic illness. They are already paying the price for the indulgences of the rich, for the lavish lifestyle and the overuse and misuse of the world’s resources. Surely they can tell the story of the Great Waves of change." [7]

Not sent by God

"God does not have to manage your life. The mechanism of evolutionary change, and all of the biological and geological forces in your world, are creating the environment for your life. But God has placed Knowledge within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater fulfillment and redemption. Therefore, do not blame God for the hurricanes or the droughts or the pestilence or the pandemic illness or personal failure. People go around all day long saying, 'Well, God is teaching me a lesson through this,' as if God is their tutor, as if God is their handmaiden, as if God is the co-pilot of their life. What kind of God is this?"[8]

"The Great Waves of change are all converging at the same time, creating cross-currents and a complexity of events that no one can predict accurately. Climate will affect food production. Food production will affect political and economic instability. Political instability will affect energy production and distribution. Poor living conditions will foster disease and even pandemics."[9]

Government in a time of pandemic

“If you have faith in government, you will see the government’s inability to provide. The government will appear to be conflicted and in some cases incompetent—unable to meet the situation, unable to educate the people and unable to guide the people. Indeed, this is already the case. Who amongst the governments is telling the truth about the Great Waves of change—about the real situation regarding energy resources, the real potential of a changing and heating climate, the danger of pandemic illness, the growing competition that is occurring over who will gain access to the remaining resources, the real potential for economic instability and the condition of the economic situation?”[10]

"Ultimately, the nations of the world will have to achieve a very high state of interdependence if they are to survive the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—environmental degradation, diminishing resources, the loss of food production, the changing of climate and violent weather, the threat of pandemic illness, and the threats of growing conflict, competition and war.

Only a greater interdependence can make war unnecessary—interdependence based upon fundamental mutual needs. Now it is the whole human family that must be sustained. Now it is the security of the world, even more than the security of any nation, that becomes the priority, because you are threatened by the Great Waves of change.[11]

A great calling

"Without this, human civilization will go into a permanent state of decline on a scale greater than anything that you have ever seen or known of. Greater than the world wars it would be. Greater than the pandemics of Earth it would be. More complex, more difficult to manage."[12]


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