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At the outset in committing to relationship

“The truth of any relationship can be known at the outset.”[1]

"At the outset it is necessary to learn discernment. Why spend five years finding out that you really cannot be married to this person when you could have found out in five days or, as your discernment becomes more refined, in five minutes? Many people say after five years, if they have discovered that their relationship cannot proceed and cannot grow, 'I knew this at the beginning, but I would not listen to what I knew.' They could see these elements in the other person, and they could see their incompatibilities, but they did not want to look because they wanted to be with that person. They wanted the experience of being together. They wanted to escape loneliness and isolation. Yet it is far better to be alone than to be improperly engaged with another. Improper engagement, if it is maintained, will destroy your motivation and your life force. This is very true."[2]


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