New Revelation

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Short Quotes

The world needs a New Revelation, for Christianity cannot save the world. Islam cannot save the world. Buddhism and Hinduism cannot save the world. And Judaism was never designed to save the world.

  • God Has Spoken Again (February 24, 2011)

Every New Revelation has been resisted and denied and disputed.

There is no time for this now.

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

Never before has such a Revelation been given to the human family, for it was not needed.

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

Humanity will fail without the New Revelation.

The world will become ever darker, more dangerous and conflicted without the Revelation.

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

For you to comprehend the God of the Greater Community, then you must comprehend the Voice of the Revelation.

  • The Voice of the Revelation (April 14, 2011)

Long Quotes

Now you must face the next great threshold—a world in decline, a world of declining resources, a world of declining stability, a world of diminishing food and water, a world where a growing humanity will have to face the conditions of the world.

For this you need the New Revelation.

The past Revelations of the Creator cannot prepare you for the Great Waves of change.

They cannot prepare you for your destiny in the Greater Community.

They cannot prepare you for the great thresholds that are now upon you and will be upon you increasingly.

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

Humanity will fail without the New Revelation.

The world will become ever darker, more dangerous and conflicted without the Revelation.

Humanity will falter and fail in the face of its own errors and lack of clarity.

The resources of the world will be spent through conflict, competition and war.

People will rise up against their governments.

People will rise up against one another.

There will be untold conflict in the future, greater and more continuous than anything you have seen before.

It is the New Revelation that holds the missing ingredients to your understanding, the key to your awareness and the source of your power, strength and determination.

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

People reject the Revelation because they do not want to change.

They do not want to have to reconsider their beliefs, their ideas and their position in society.

They cannot dispute the New Message, really.

They can only avoid it and contend against it to protect their previous investment and idea of themselves.

Who can contend against the will and the wisdom of the Creator, except on spurious grounds?

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

The New Revelation is calling upon you to respond to Knowledge within yourself and to listen to the Voice of Revelation.

You will have many questions, of course.

You may have fears and suspicions.

You may have grave doubts.

That is all to be expected.

But the challenge for you is, can you respond to the New Revelation?

Can you hear the Voice of Revelation?

Can you have the humility and the responsibility to see that you are living at a time of Revelation and what this might mean for you?

What is your responsibility in this matter?

What does this calling mean for you?

Do not concern yourself with other people if the calling is for you.

This is between you and God, between you and Us.

We are the only Angelic Presence overseeing the world.

Choose other voices and you will choose voices from the Greater Community, who will take advantage of humanity’s religious assumptions.

They can project voices into the world as well.

How will you know the difference?

How can you tell what is true from what is false, what is good from what only looks good?

The challenge is upon the listener.

God is being real with you. Can you be real with God?

God is being honest with you. Can you be honest with God?

God is serving you and assisting you in ways you cannot serve yourself.

Can you accept this and follow the preparation that God is giving to save humanity?

The burden is upon the listener.

The proof is in the nature of your response.

The proof is in what it calls for in you and your resonance with the truth of the Revelation.

God speaks the truth through the Angelic Presence.

Can you hear this, feel this and respond to this?

Or is your mind so fixated, so bound in its beliefs, fears and suspicions that it cannot hear, it cannot respond?

  • The Voice of the Revelation (April 14, 2011)