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"Every New Revelation has been resisted and denied and disputed. There is no time for this now." [1]

"The new world requires a New Revelation." [2]

"God’s New Revelation is not here to simply add value to your current existence or to validate your current ideas and pursuits. It is not here to validate the world’s religions or to conform to their beliefs or expectations, for God is not bound by these things. It is not here to validate your expectations, for the Creator of all the universes is certainly not bound by this." [3]


"You must protect the Revelation from condemnation and usurpation and all of the ignorant and unfortunate incentives that people bring to something of this nature." [4]

There is a new Revelation in the world ...

"Unlike anything that humanity has ever received before." [5]

"Not only to prepare you for the Great Waves of change, but to begin to educate you about the nature of spirituality in the universe and the larger picture of your existence so that you can find your place within a far greater reality." [5]

Why there is a new Revelation

"Now God has spoken again to protect human civilization from internal disintegration and collapse and from subjugation from forces in the universe who seek to take advantage of human conflict and ignorance."[6]

The great need

"It is time now for a greater comprehension of God and an expanded understanding of God, who is the Source and Author of your life and of all life within this world and throughout the Greater Community of worlds in which you live." [7]

Older traditions and the New Message

"The world needs a New Revelation, for Christianity cannot save the world. Islam cannot save the world. Buddhism and Hinduism cannot save the world. And Judaism was never designed to save the world." [8]

"The past Revelations of the Creator cannot prepare you for the Great Waves of change. They cannot prepare you for your destiny in the Greater Community. They cannot prepare you for the great thresholds that are now upon you and will be upon you increasingly. You do not have answers in the face of these things. That is why the Revelation is being given, for humanity now needs to be advised and warned, blessed and given the preparation for a future that will be unlike the past." [1]

"Now you must face the next great threshold—a world in decline, a world of declining resources, a world of declining stability, a world of diminishing food and water, a world where a growing humanity will have to face the conditions of the world. For this you need the New Revelation. The past Revelations of the Creator cannot prepare you for the Great Waves of change. They cannot prepare you for your destiny in the Greater Community. They cannot prepare you for the great thresholds that are now upon you and will be upon you increasingly." [1]

A Great Warning

"Recognize the difference between a spiritual presence and a visitation from the Greater Community. Yet how can you have the framework to make this distinction? Where can you learn such things? Who in your world is in the position to teach about the reality of the Greater Community? Only a teaching from beyond the world can prepare you for life beyond the world, and life beyond the world is now in your world, seeking to establish itself here, seeking to extend its influence, seeking to win the minds and hearts and souls of people everywhere." [9]

The Great Blessing

"God’s New Revelation will clarify the nature of human spirituality, which has been overlaid by culture, by convention and by political manipulation. It will make it clear that you are born with two minds—a worldly mind that is conditioned by the world and a deeper mind within you that is still connected to God." [10]

A Great Reformation

"Everything that is incorrect about how people view God and God’s Presence and activity in the world will be represented and demonstrated as God’s New Message is proclaimed and brought here. The anger, the fear, the doubt, the issues with religion, the confusion about religion, the insistence that people think they know what God’s Will and Purpose is, the mindless association with beliefs and ideas that have little connection to reality—these are all the problems that will arise, you see."[4]

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

The audience waiting for the New Revelation

"If it is your destiny to receive the New Revelation, then you cannot find your calling anywhere else." [10]

"There are many people waiting for the New Revelation, for they have not found this Initiation in the religions of the past, in the traditions of the world. They have not been able to find the deeper connection through love, through work or through any other activity. So long have they been waiting for the Revelation." [10]

"Even at this moment, there are millions waiting to receive God’s New Revelation." [11]

"Not everyone needs to respond, only a critical mass of people to turn the tide for the human family. You must be part of this." [12]

The urgency of the New Revelation

"Never before has such a Revelation been given to the human family, for it was not needed." [1]

"God’s New Revelation for the world, perhaps the most important Revelation ever given—given now to save humanity from itself; given now to save human civilization; given now to redeem all those who can respond to it; given now with great urgency, great warning, but also with the great Blessing of the Creator."[13]

"Humanity will fail without the New Revelation. The world will become ever darker, more dangerous and conflicted without the Revelation. Humanity will falter and fail in the face of its own errors and lack of clarity. The resources of the world will be spent through conflict, competition and war. People will rise up against their governments. People will rise up against one another. There will be untold conflict in the future, greater and more continuous than anything you have seen before. It is the New Revelation that holds the missing ingredients to your understanding, the key to your awareness and the source of your power, strength and determination." [1]

"It is at this great threshold in humanity’s history that a New Revelation has been sent into the world, and a Messenger has been sent here to receive it, to prepare it and to present it. For him, it is a long journey, a long and difficult journey." [14]

"Without the New Message from God, humanity would fall into grave conflicts and precipitous decline, making you vulnerable to foreign powers who are already in this world to gain influence and authority here. People do not realize they are standing at the precipice, not only of great change, but also of subjugation. This is the Greater Darkness in the world, a Greater Darkness that most people are too afraid to even think about. But it is something that humanity must prepare for, and that is why God has given a New Revelation." [15]

The singularity of the New Revelation

"God is sending only one Revelation to the world. Any other revelation is either a human invention or is a manipulation from those races who are intervening in the world today. You cannot come to God on your terms. You cannot determine the nature and the rules of engagement. You can only come to God on God’s terms, and God is establishing the terms in such a way that people will become stronger, more compassionate, more powerful, more engaged in the world and more cooperative with one another. " [16]

"You may argue against the Revelation, but it is the only Revelation, and it will be the only Revelation. Whether it is accepted or denied, this is it." [17]

The authenticity of the New Revelation

"The authenticity of the Revelation is in the Revelation. It is entirely honest. It is entirely pure. It is entirely clear. If you will listen with an open heart, seeking to serve and know God, then its gifts will become apparent, and you will see their total relevance to the world you are facing now and will have to face increasingly in the future." [18]

The comprehensiveness of the New Revelation

"God’s New Revelation is more expansive and inclusive and detailed than anything that has ever been brought to the world before. It is being given at a time when the human family has become literate and is participating in a world civilization and economy with international communication. It is a very different environment than any of the previous Revelations, which were very regional in nature and which only spread over a great span of time and through much discord, conflict and violence." [19]

"This Revelation is complete and comprehensive, touching on nearly every aspect of an individual’s life and the life of humanity, both now and in the future." [19]


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