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Short Quotes

"The world needs a New Revelation, for Christianity cannot save the world. Islam cannot save the world. Buddhism and Hinduism cannot save the world. And Judaism was never designed to save the world."

  • God Has Spoken Again (February 24, 2011)

"Every New Revelation has been resisted and denied and disputed.

"There is no time for this now."

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

"Never before has such a Revelation been given to the human family, for it was not needed."

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

"Humanity will fail without the New Revelation.

"The world will become ever darker, more dangerous and conflicted without the Revelation."

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

"For you to comprehend the God of the Greater Community, then you must comprehend the Voice of the Revelation."

  • The Voice of the Revelation (April 14, 2011)

"It is at this great threshold in humanity’s history that a New Revelation has been sent into the world, and a Messenger has been sent here to receive it, to prepare it and to present it. For him, it is a long journey, a long and difficult journey."

  • God Is Moving Humanity in a New Direction (April 22, 2011)

"Not everyone is ready to receive the New Revelation. God knows this and there is no condemnation here."

  • God’s Power & Presence in the World (April 23, 2011)

"At every great time of Revelation, spread out intermittently over the course of human history, how many have failed to recognize the significance of the event that was taking place in their lives, at their time?"

  • God’s Power & Presence in the World (April 23, 2011)

"You may argue against the Revelation, but it is the only Revelation, and it will be the only Revelation. Whether it is accepted or denied, this is it."

  • The Will of Heaven (May 17, 2011)

"It is the Will of Heaven that you respond to the New Revelation. It is the Will of Heaven that you take the Steps to Knowledge, patiently, without presumption, setting aside your beliefs, your preferences and your fears as you proceed so that you may engage with a greater strength, a greater integrity and a great purpose within yourself."

  • The Will of Heaven (May 17, 2011)

Long Quotes

"Now you must face the next great threshold—a world in decline, a world of declining resources, a world of declining stability, a world of diminishing food and water, a world where a growing humanity will have to face the conditions of the world.

"For this you need the New Revelation.

"The past Revelations of the Creator cannot prepare you for the Great Waves of change.

"They cannot prepare you for your destiny in the Greater Community.

"They cannot prepare you for the great thresholds that are now upon you and will be upon you increasingly."

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

"Humanity will fail without the New Revelation.

"The world will become ever darker, more dangerous and conflicted without the Revelation.

"Humanity will falter and fail in the face of its own errors and lack of clarity.

"The resources of the world will be spent through conflict, competition and war.

"People will rise up against their governments.

"People will rise up against one another.

"There will be untold conflict in the future, greater and more continuous than anything you have seen before.

"It is the New Revelation that holds the missing ingredients to your understanding, the key to your awareness and the source of your power, strength and determination."

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

"People reject the Revelation because they do not want to change.

"They do not want to have to reconsider their beliefs, their ideas and their position in society.

"They cannot dispute the New Message, really.

"They can only avoid it and contend against it to protect their previous investment and idea of themselves.

"Who can contend against the will and the wisdom of the Creator, except on spurious grounds?"

  • The Recitation (April 1, 2011)

"The New Revelation is calling upon you to respond to Knowledge within yourself and to listen to the Voice of Revelation.

"You will have many questions, of course.

"You may have fears and suspicions.

"You may have grave doubts.

"That is all to be expected.

"But the challenge for you is, can you respond to the New Revelation?

"Can you hear the Voice of Revelation?

"Can you have the humility and the responsibility to see that you are living at a time of Revelation and what this might mean for you?

"What is your responsibility in this matter?

"What does this calling mean for you?

"Do not concern yourself with other people if the calling is for you.

"This is between you and God, between you and Us.

"We are the only Angelic Presence overseeing the world.

"Choose other voices and you will choose voices from the Greater Community, who will take advantage of humanity’s religious assumptions.

"They can project voices into the world as well.

"How will you know the difference?

"How can you tell what is true from what is false, what is good from what only looks good?

"The challenge is upon the listener.

"God is being real with you. Can you be real with God?

"God is being honest with you. Can you be honest with God?

"God is serving you and assisting you in ways you cannot serve yourself.

"Can you accept this and follow the preparation that God is giving to save humanity?

"The burden is upon the listener.

"The proof is in the nature of your response.

"The proof is in what it calls for in you and your resonance with the truth of the Revelation.

"God speaks the truth through the Angelic Presence.

"Can you hear this, feel this and respond to this?

"Or is your mind so fixated, so bound in its beliefs, fears and suspicions that it cannot hear, it cannot respond?"

  • The Voice of the Revelation (April 14, 2011)

"You are hearing the Voice of the Revelation.

"It is the Voice of many.

"It is the Voice of wisdom and Knowledge on a scale you cannot imagine.

"The miracle will be in the nature of your response.

"Can the separated be reached by the Creator of all life, or will they remain in the darkness of Separation, with only their fears and desires and assumptions to guide them?

"Or will they respond and be ignited, enabling them to recall their greater responsibilities to be in the world, giving them the courage and the determination to follow a very different pathway in life?

"Will they be able to receive Knowledge and wisdom from the universe, to prepare humanity for the universe?

"Will they be able to respond to God’s Revelation?

"This is it!

"There will not be another.

"There will not be another.

"This is the Revelation for this time and the times to come.

"God is sending only one Revelation to the world.

"Any other revelation is either a human invention or is a manipulation from those races who are intervening in the world today.

"You cannot come to God on your terms.

"You cannot determine the nature and the rules of engagement.

"You can only come to God on God’s terms, and God is establishing the terms in such a way that people will become stronger, more compassionate, more powerful, more engaged in the world and more cooperative with one another.

"You cannot have it be your way.

"It must be God’s way, for God knows and you do not.

"God sees what is coming over the horizon, far, far out to sea.

"You do not see these things.

"God knows what human destiny is.

"You do not now know what human destiny is.

"God knows why you are in the world and who you must meet and where you must go.

"You cannot see this, for you can only be where you are.

"You cannot understand the Voice of the Revelation intellectually.

"That will not produce real recognition.

"Recognition happens at a deeper level, beneath the surface of the mind, at the level of your heart and deeper conscience—not your social conscience, but the conscience that God has created, that enables you to respond to the truth and to gain immunity from that which is false.

"You can only know Us and hear Us with your heart.

"You can only know and appreciate the Messenger with your heart."

  • The Voice of the Revelation (April 14, 2011)

"People are obsessed with their needs, their issues, their longing and their desires. They do not see the movement of the world.

"For the world has changed, but people have not changed with it. And now you are facing a new set of realities.

"What will God say to this as people feel overwhelmed, as their prophecies for the future do not come true, as the return of their savior does not occur, as they believe that God is creating all these problems for them?

"The Revelation speaks to all these things, but you must be open to the Revelation, and you must face the prospect of great change, for it is upon you and the world, and it is going to move forward."

  • God Is Moving Humanity in a New Direction (April 22, 2011)

"People will argue, of course, unwilling or unable to reconsider their position and to open themselves to the New Revelation. They think they understand God’s will and purpose for the peoples of this world. They think they understand what Revelation means and when it can occur.

"They think they understand. But who can understand this fully? Who has the wisdom and the breadth and the capacity to understand this fully? Surely this must exceed human comprehension. And surely there must be enough humility and honesty for people to realize that they cannot predict when and how the Creator of all the universes will speak to this one tiny little planet.

"Human ignorance and arrogance unite into a dangerous combination, a combination that is vehement and oppressive. It is jaded and highly opinionated. It is polarized and will continue to divide the human family—a division that can only weaken you in the face of the great change that is coming to the world."

  • The Will of Heaven (May 17, 2011)

"Without the New Message from God, humanity would fall into grave conflicts and precipitous decline, making you vulnerable to foreign powers who are already in this world to gain influence and authority here. People do not realize they are standing at the precipice, not only of great change, but also of subjugation.

"This is the Greater Darkness in the world, a Greater Darkness that most people are too afraid to even think about. But it is something that humanity must prepare for, and that is why God has given a New Revelation."

  • The Story of the Messenger (May 23, 2011)