Laws of nature

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"Some people believe the world is like a cornucopia that just provides endlessly. They just need the technology to gain more and more and more. But the world is a finite place with finite resources. If you exhaust it, you face the perils that such exhaustion will bring to you. This is a truth of life in the physical universe. You cannot escape it, whether you are a human being or whether you are a race living in another world, for the laws of nature hold true everywhere."[1]

Dual realities

"To presume that God is governing events in the world is to think of humanity living in isolation. God is too intelligent to have to manage all of your affairs and events. That is why the process of evolution has been set in motion. That is why the laws of nature were set in motion. That is why the entire process of life in the physical reality, as you are now learning to discern it, has been set into motion, so that God does not have to manage everything. The events of your life are either the outcome of the intentions of you or someone else or of simply random motions."[2]

"To have a connection to these two realities—to see how they interact and to allow them to interact through one’s self—represents real spiritual advancement throughout the Greater Community. Here the debate between randomness and intelligent design comes to an end, for they are both true. Here the laws of nature are honored as a vehicle for growth and advancement from simplicity to complexity, allowing the universe to move and to change and allowing life forms to adapt and to evolve. Yet there is another reality that exists and permeates this physical reality that is consistent and constant. Though this other reality adapts itself to changing circumstances to serve manifest life, it itself is completely uniform. It represents part of God’s Creation that is not entered into form, that has not entered into a process of change, growth and decay."[3]

"You yourself have a dual nature. You have a nature as a physical creature living in the world, living within the laws of nature and facing the consequences of violating the laws of nature, subject to your environment and your environmental conditions and the need for food, water, shelter, security and companionship."[2]

The consequences of violating the laws of nature

"Your world is viewed like that by your visitors and by others in the universe who see this precious little world and this race of relatively destructive beings destroying its natural resources and violating its natural laws. Do you think this would not produce an Intervention?"[4]

"If this is not the case, humanity will face war and conflict on a scale it has never known before. There will be suffering at a level never seen before in this world. Religious people will think it is the end times, it is the Apocalypse, it is the coming of the Messiah—but all it is, is the failure of humanity. All it is, is the violation of the natural laws of the world. All it is, is the product of human ignorance, greed and a failure to respond to what God has placed within you to see, to know and to do. - The Reformation: The Engine of War

The laws of nature beyond this world

"This greater environment into which you are emerging is a physical reality governed by physical laws, the laws of nature that you are aware of. Do not concern yourselves here with the possibilities of other dimensions, for that will not be your need and concern. It is this greater reality in which humanity has always lived and in which your world has always existed that must become your focal point now."[5]

"You are isolated and do not yet travel in space. And even if you had the capability to reach another world, the universe is vast, and no one has gained the ability to go from one end of the galaxy to the other with any kind of speed. Therefore, the physical universe remains enormous and incomprehensible. No one has mastered its laws. No one has conquered its territories. No one can claim complete dominance or control. Life has a great humbling effect in this way. Even far beyond your borders this is true."[6]


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