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Obeying the Law

"You have a responsibility to follow the laws of your nation, your community and to only take exception here if you find them to be unjust and if you are willing and able to protest against them in a constructive manner. To ignore or violate these laws out of a sense of resentment or repudiation is not appropriate." [1]

In the Greater Community

Communities of Law and Communities of Knowledge

"A community of Knowledge is based on devotion and dedication. A community of law is based on opportunity, convenience and adherence. A community of Knowledge is reinforced with truth. A community of law is reinforced with punishment and laws. There is a great difference between these two realities and these two experiences of participating with people." [2]

The Laws of Nature

"For the laws of nature are the laws of nature, and the Plan and Presence of God and of Unseen Forces are uniform throughout the universe. So while races and nations may appear to be entirely different from one another, they are bound to the same physical reality, and they are influenced by an overseeing reality that is divine and spiritual in nature." [3]


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Further Study

Living the Way of Knowledge, Chapter 8: Spiritual Community