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"Who on Earth can prepare humanity for life in the universe, the great engagement—an engagement that is already taking place, in secrecy, carried out by groups who are here to take advantage of your ignorance and superstitions?" [1]

"You do not see the larger picture of your life, or what God is intending for the world over time, and how the great Messengers come at turning points, at pivotal moments in history, to enliven the human spirit and to keep the deeper Knowledge that God has put within each person alive, where it would most certainly become obscured, diminished and lost otherwise." [2]

Incapacity to Comprehend the Revelation

"God has spoken again, and no one in the world can claim that God cannot speak again, and if they do so, it is their ignorance and their arrogance that makes them speak of this." [3]

"To claim that there can be no new Revelations is to proclaim your arrogance and ignorance and to think that you know more than the Creator. For no one on Earth knows what God will do next. Even the Angelic Presence does not know what God will do next, so what person can make such a claim? Surely it is the epitome of ignorance and arrogance!" [1]

The Antidote

"There must be greater clarity about what you are dealing with and will have to face in the future, and this will moderate your errant and destructive behavior. This will give you pause before you condemn or attack another people or nation. This will moderate extremism and fundamentalism and all of the arrogance and ignorance that manifests itself with such vehemence and eloquence in the world." [1]


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