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Spiritual Practice

"In the study of Steps to Knowledge, the great Book of Practices, it asks you to be still upon the hour, to listen to where you are and to regain a moment of contact with Knowledge within yourself. When people practice this particular hourly practice, they are amazed to see how hours and hours can pass by and they forgot. They forgot to stop and to listen and to look."[1]

"You demonstrate freedom when you remember to listen for Knowledge upon the hour, and you check yourself and your environment. This is a remarkable act of liberation, for you set yourself apart from the forces that govern people in the world. You step outside the world's influence, and pull yourself out of its current. You exercise the greater awareness and discernment which are yours to wield." [2]

"Observe your world without judgment and observe what you are doing in the world without judgment. Then feel if anything needs to be done. Again, your hourly practices take but minutes, and as you practice, they will become more swift, more keen and more effective." [3]

"You will find that regardless of your circumstances, there will be a way for you to practice this today. Do not let your circumstances dominate you. You can practice within them. You can find a way to practice that does not produce embarrassment or inappropriateness with others. Whether you are alone or engaged with others, you may practice today. Practice upon the hour. Practice listening. Practice being present. To truly listen means that you are not judging. It means that you are observing."[4]


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