Greater Community Spirituality

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One of seven published Sacred Texts of The New Message from God entiltled; Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation, ISBN: 1-884238-21-1

It is considered The New Message from God's book of Theology.


Greater Community Spirituality was received in Boulder, Colorado, by the Messenger over twelve days, between August 17 and November 6 in 1993. As with almost all of the New Message, it was recorded onto audio cassettes and transcribed into text.

It was the fourth of the Sacred Texts published after Wisdom from The Greater Community: Volume 1, the second Steps to Knowledge:The Book of Inner Knowing, and the third Wisdom from The Greater Community: Volume 2. Greater Community Spirituality was originally published by New Knowledge Library in 1998.

Further Study

Read the first 12 chapters online: Greater Community Spirituality