Great Waves of Change practices

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Where to live

"Ask yourself, 'Where should I live?' Keep asking, and the steps will begin to appear if there is any change you must make in this regard. You cannot ask only once. You must ask repeatedly. You must be with the question. You must live with the question and be open, really open, to what might be presented to you, particularly if you already sense that where you are is not permanent, or you have concern over its viability as a place to live in the future." [1]

Recognizing the signs

"To begin, you must learn to become still and observant— looking without judging, looking without coming to conclusions, looking for signs. The signs are not everywhere, but they are abundant enough that if you are observant and give yourself to being observant as you pass through your day, then you will begin to see things, and they will stand out from everything else. They will stand out. They will impress you more than just the usual kinds of fascinating things or disturbing things you may hear about or read about. They will impress you at a deeper level. Pay attention. Write them down. Keep a record of them with a date and a time and a place so you can begin to bring the pieces of the puzzle together." [2]

Where you are now

"The great evaluation begins with taking stock of where you are now—how you spend your time, your energy, your focus and your interests.

  • Where is your life being given away?
  • What is it being focused upon?
  • Where is it being assigned?

You only have so much energy in the day, so much time in the day and so much space within your mind to consider things.

  • Where is that all going now?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are your priorities?
  • Where are you gaining energy in your life, and where are you losing it?
  • To whom are you losing it, or to what are you losing it?
  • Where do you feel certainty, and where do you feel uncertain?
  • What relationships are you in now that give you a sense of certainty and direction?
  • Which relationships cloud that certainty or obstruct it completely?
  • Where are you right now?
  • Who are you with, and what are you doing with them?
  • What do you own, and is it giving you strength or taking strength away from you?
  • What do you believe, and are your beliefs giving you clarity, or are they a replacement for Knowledge itself?
  • Where is your time going?
  • If you sit in meditation, what is concerning your mind?
  • Where is your mind going, and what problems is it solving?" [3]


"Begin then with simple things. Review everything that you own. Everything that you own, even insignificant things, has a value to you of some kind and in a subtle way represents an influence. If your life is full of things that have no usefulness or purpose, then they are taking time and energy from you to a certain degree. You still own them, and so you are still in relationship with them. They are occupying space in your home and in your mind. Everything you own really either needs to be fundamentally practical and necessary or personally very meaningful, and that meaning must come in a way that supports who you are now and where you feel you are heading in life." [3]


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