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“Your leaders will disappoint you. Your institutions will prove to be frail and in some cases, even corrupt. Your systems of commerce will come under great duress and people all around you will be extremely upset and confused.” Inner Guidance (February 6, 2009)

Stability and Security

“[The need for stability and security] is a fundamental reality that you must face as part of the natural world and as a citizen of human civilization. This recognition is fundamental. Many people cannot see this because they are so jaded in their political viewpoint. They are so distrustful of other people. They are so condemning of human leaders and institutions that they are blinded to the very natural circumstances that give them life, that promises them life for the future.” [1]

Blame the Government

"All the signs of the world are telling you that great change is upon you. Do not blame others, do not blame governments, everyone has produced this,everyone is involved in its creation, and everyone must become involved in its resolution. Take all the energy you put into condemnation and resentment and put it into your preparation for the Great Waves of change."[2]

"You really cannot assign blame fully upon any government leader or organization because you, too, if you live in a wealthy nation, have benefited from the exploitation of the world. You cannot complain, when you yourself, and everyone around you, is a part of this great dilemma."[3]

Improving Your Governments

“So there must be this deep evaluation... and naturally you will begin to exert pressure on your local governments, your leaders. Do not assume they are wise and well informed. They will need to hear from you. And you will have to be very strong, stronger than you are today, more focused than you are today, more concentrated than you are today. And this will bring your life into focus and clarity, and enable you to find the source of your strength in the deeper Knowledge that lives within you.” [4]

"Knowledge will indicate if you are to become involved in a political campaign or a campaign of social change. It will indicate if that is part of your education and destiny. To make these commitments without Knowledge is to cast yourself in life before you really know who you are and what your life is about. And you will be involved out of fear and anger. You will be involved because you resist or resent others and their actions. This is not the motivation that will bring real resolution to anything. Even if your cause appears to be noble and justified, if you are engaged because you are angry, resentful or fearful, then that is what you will contribute to the situation. That will only create opposition and more conflict in the world. Now you are fighting others for something that you want. Perhaps you are not using weapons; perhaps you are only using words and actions that are lawful, but you are bringing more resentment and hostility into the situation, and those are things that the human family does not need more of." [5]

Overthrowing Your Governments

"It is not enough to overthrow the forces of oppression, for this leads to violence and great loss of life and suffering and too often only ushers in a different set of faces, a new lineage of oppressive rulers." [6]

"To begin to respond to your deeper nature, to the greater mind within you, begins a revolution... Be a revolutionary in this way only." [7]

"Without preparation you will be swept up in the storms and the aggravations of the world, in social movements or political movements or religious movements. And you’ll be partisan and polarized in your view and you’ll be full of judgment against others, and prone to condemnation and admonition toward others. You will be part of the problem and not part of the solution. And whatever revolution you are attempting to carry out or set of changes you are attempting to establish will end up being harmful to people and fraught with division and divisiveness. This is not what the world needs. This is not what has brought you here. This is not your real contribution to life." [8]

The Extraterrestrial Intervention

“The Intervention will seek to make you lose faith in your leaders, in your institutions and even within yourself, leading you to believe that only they can provide for you and guide you truly. This persuasion is already being cast over many people. The Intervention will seek to stimulate and exacerbate conflicts within the world to weaken the strongest powers, to lead them into engagements that are fruitless and destructive. This is already happening in the world.” [9]

“You cannot rely upon your governments to tell you what the Intervention is or how it is happening or what it means. You cannot rely upon science, which is largely ignorant of this phenomenon. You cannot rely upon your religious leaders to counsel you about the reality of this phenomenon and what you should do, for they really don’t know. That is why there is a New Message from God. ” [10]


"Freedom is difficult to cultivate even on an individual level. It requires responsibility. It requires awareness. It requires wise governance and counsel. It requires a wise leadership and a willing and educated population. These things are all very challenging to establish, and that is why many nations choose the alternative route to stability." [11]

Solving Global Problems

World Government

"World government is inevitable. It will happen. It will happen in order to regulate commerce. It will happen in order to prevent crime and starvation. It will happen in order to preserve the environment which different nations share. It will happen in order to regulate the quality of the larger natural resources which everyone shares, like water and air. The creation of world government will be difficult. It will be fraught with great tribulation and conflict. But it will happen because it is your destiny." [12]

"You now have the beginnings... of global government." [13]


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