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The Intervention Undermining Governments

Improving Your Governments

“So there must be this deep evaluation... and naturally you will begin to exert pressure on your local governments, your leaders. Do not assume they are wise and well informed. They will need to hear from you. And you will have to be very strong, stronger than you are today, more focused than you are today, more concentrated than you are today. And this will bring your life into focus and clarity, and enable you to find the source of your strength in the deeper Knowledge that lives within you.” [1]

Overthrowing Your Governments

"It is not enough to overthrow the forces of oppression, for this leads to violence and great loss of life and suffering and too often only ushers in a different set of faces, a new lineage of oppressive rulers." [2]


"Freedom is difficult to cultivate even on an individual level. It requires responsibility. It requires awareness. It requires wise governance and counsel. It requires a wise leadership and a willing and educated population. These things are all very challenging to establish, and that is why many nations choose the alternative route to stability." [3]

Solving Global Problems

World Government

"World government is inevitable. It will happen. It will happen in order to regulate commerce. It will happen in order to prevent crime and starvation. It will happen in order to preserve the environment which different nations share. It will happen in order to regulate the quality of the larger natural resources which everyone shares, like water and air. The creation of world government will be difficult. It will be fraught with great tribulation and conflict. But it will happen because it is your destiny." [4]


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