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"It is necessary that the world hear God’s New Revelation. For only God knows what is coming. Only God knows how you can prepare. Only God understands you better than you understand yourself. Only God knows the true condition of humanity and what humanity must do to save itself from collapse from within and from the risk of subjugation by others from without."[1]

"God knows what is coming for the world. God knows the condition of the world and its people. And the Angelic Presence that oversees this world is watching every moment.

It is no secret to those who watch over you what your greater needs are, both in this moment and in the times to come."[1]

"But God knows what is coming. God knows what humanity needs at this time. God knows what you, as an individual, must have to recognize your greater purpose for coming and why you were sent and what you must accomplish here, which is beyond your understanding."[1]


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