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"The fate of humanity will be determined in the next 20 years—the condition of the world, the condition of the human family, the fate and the future of human civilization." [1]

"The Greater Community represents your destiny and your fate, your dilemma and your greater promise." [2]


"If humanity does not change its course of action within the next decade, then you will have fewer options and the future for you and your childrenwill be far more grave and far more dangerous." [3]

"Look at the history of intervention in your world. Look how easily native peoples succumbed to the presence of foreign intervention. This must not be your fate." [4]

"You must now become responsible and utilize the skills and the power the Creator has given you in service to a world of increasing need, turbulence and upheaval. Do not prostrate yourself to the Creator if you are unwilling to carry out what you were sent here to do, if you cannot take the Steps to Knowledge, if you have the arrogance to think you can determine your fate and your destiny and fulfillment." [1]

"It is a reality to which you must become aware and accustomed. You must think now not only for yourself or for your community or for your nation, but for the whole world because that will determine your fate and destiny and the well-being of your children and the children of the world." [4]

"You must now prepare to develop a steady and sustainable state that you can maintain within this world without dependence on foreign powers. Neglect this and you will face the same fate as so many nations who have aggressively expanded only to find themselves completely at the mercy of others." [5]

TheGreatWavesOfChange Medallion.jpg

"What will happen? How will the world respond? If you can see without prejudice and fear, it will become apparent to you. You do not have to be a genius to see this. You only have to be wise and objective. But how people respond is a question that you cannot foretell. People can choose how they will respond. There is choice at this level.

You cannot stop the Great Waves of change. You can mitigate them and their impacts and you can prepare for them, but you cannot stop them now."[6]


"Your life is intertwined with others. This changes your fate and your destiny and provides a reward which you could not have otherwise." [7]

"The decisions you make today result in your life tomorrow. They determine what kind of decisions will be available to you tomorrow. Choose the way that has no destiny and no meaning, and you will spend your years trying to get back to where you started. But choose the way that is meant for you, the way that Knowledge within you will recognize and confirm, and every step you take will be a genuine step towards building a foundation for Knowledge and contribution." [8]

"Enough people can respond and begin their great education about life in the Greater Community in order to give promise and hope to the human family. If this cannot be achieved, then those who value their freedom and who have this education will have to retreat. They will have to keep Knowledge alive in the world as the world falls under complete control. This is a very grave alternative, and yet it has occurred in other worlds. The journey back to freedom from such a position is quite difficult. We hope that this will not be your fate, and that is why we are here giving you this information."[9]

The Crises determining the fate of human civilization

"Humanity’s two great challenges will determine the fate and the future of everyone in the world, the fate and future of all the nations of peoples, the condition of the world itself and whether humanity will be able to maintain its sovereignty in this world."[10]

"Time is of the essence because humanity is degrading the world so severely that it will determine the fate of human civilization. Humanity is facing Intervention from the universe and is unprepared. These are the greatest events in human history, but people are unaware. They are living in a dream. It is a time of the greatest importance. It is the time you have chosen to be here. It is the time when your contribution must be discovered, honestly. It is the time of Revelation.” [11]

"Humanity is following the path that many nations have always followed—depleting their home worlds and then becoming prone to seduction by forces in the Greater Community. For once you enter these great networks of trade, your destiny will be determined by others. You will have to meet whatever terms and conditions are required for you to receive what you need—whether it be food and medicine or advanced technology. You will have very little freedom and self-determination under these circumstances, and this has been the fate of so many races." [12]

The Fate of the World

"It is time for humanity to end its ceaseless conflicts and to prepare for its future and destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe. God has sent a New Message into the world to warn humanity, to strengthen humanity and to prepare humanity for this great encounter with life—an encounter that will determine the fate and the destiny of humanity." [12]

"There are conflicts and they will continue, but the world will not blow up. There are forces in the world to keep this from happening. It is possible these forces can fail, but it hasn’t happened yet. Do not think the fate of the world is up to people alone." [13]

"Whether you are the leader of the most powerful nation or the person who is destitute on the street, you all share the same fate and destiny in the Greater Community." [14]


"It is as if your nation were going to enter a great war that will decide the fate of the world." [15]


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