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"Everyone is afraid of emptiness because that is where the separation and all of its inducements and terrors begin to run out leaving you in the desert alone with the Presence." [1]

"Clear the way. Take courage. Without options, your way becomes clear."[2]

The Vacuum Effect: Allowing Greater Experiences

"As small pleasures and things of no pleasure are abandoned, you will find that there will be emptiness in your life. Allow the emptiness to be there. Do not fill it in with new things. Part of your life should always be empty. This creates a vacuum effect, allowing greater experiences to come to you, allowing your boundaries to be expanded, enabling you to progress forward and to develop your true capabilities. Small pleasures fill up the mind entirely so there is no room for anything to enter. Great pleasures always create more space, so there is always room for new experience and a deepening of the understanding of the meaning of your life." [3]

Presence as Emptiness

The Wilderness

“The Presence of God is first experienced as emptiness because it lacks movement, and then within this emptiness, you begin to feel the Presence that permeates all things and that gives all meaning in life.” [4]

Emptiness Within

"You could acquire wealth.
You can be devoted to beauty.
You could be politically involved.
You can have a deeply engaging social life.
You can have all the appearances of success in the world.
But if the deeper need of your soul remains undiscovered and unfulfilled, you will still be impoverished and the feelings of emptiness will haunt you, driving you further into your outer pursuits as you try to mitigate or satisfy this deeper need within yourself. But you cannot do it, because it can only be fulfilled by responding to the power and presence of Knowledge and having it guide you to the discovery, the experience and the expression of your greater purpose.” [5]

"It is wonderful to have that moment of accomplishment when you say to yourself, “I set out to do this thing and I did it!” But how long does that moment last? And what does it bring with it? Is it not followed by the anxiety of how that acquisition or accomplishment will be protected or expanded? Does it not bring an emptiness that makes you feel that you must establish a new goal, a new place to reach, something new to strive for? Your success here is very brief and is quickly replaced by new questions and new anxieties." [6]

"Some people think owning things is disdainful, and so they go and collect ideas. Some people collect spiritual practices. Other people collect spiritual artifacts. Collect, collect, collect—whether it is objects or ideas— collect, collect, collect, until you are swollen and glutted with all this, and it all seems to fill up the emptiness within you that is a calling for Knowledge." [7]

Wisdom from the Greater Community


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