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"When you speak the truth and do what is correct and real, you provide inspiration. When you deny this or refute it or when you try to mix it with your own personal needs, you deny inspiration." [1]

"To be a student of a New Revelation requires then a very pure approach on your part. This means that you are not trying to mix the New Message with other teachings, with other beliefs, with other spiritual practices. It means you are not alloying the New Message with your own spiritual beliefs and perspective." [2]


"Do not take the foolish approach of trying to mix this with that—a patchwork quilt of spiritual ideas from different traditions, for that means you have never climbed the mountain. You have only sat at the bottom collecting postcards from people who have." [2]

"There are many people who take a very eclectic approach, who try to gather a little of this and a little of that. They have postcards from all over the spiritual universe, but they have never been anywhere. They think they understand what Christianity or Buddhism or Islam or any other religion means, but they have never immersed themselves in any of them. They have never lived them fully. They have lots of big ideas and no wisdom. Avoid this." [3]

"You cannot learn a Greater Community Way of Knowledge based on your own preferences and ideas. You must learn it according to its methods and develop according to its direction and process. This assures success. Tampering with it, changing it or trying to mix it with the ideas, beliefs or conclusions that you find pleasurable or familiar will only lead you into confusion." [4]

"This is not a child’s game. This is not a casual pursuit. This is not something you do for fun or for thrills or for excitement or for self-importance. That is why these matters should never be discussed casually, except with other true students of Knowledge, and then only under certain circumstances.

You can be sure if people are discussing these things amongst themselves in public places or in a casual way, that they do not really understand what they are dealing with, and they are vulnerable to powerful persuasions. They have put themselves in a position of jeopardy.

You must have a serious mind and a careful approach. This is not a pastime you are dealing with here, or a hobby. That is why the New Revelation emphasizes taking the Steps to Knowledge as a prerequisite and also as a concurrent study to any other activity of education or contact you might have."[5]


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