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"God wishes to save you failure, conflict and discord. That is why Knowledge has been placed within you."[1]

"Knowledge brings simplicity to complexity, harmony to discord and unity to disassociation."[2]

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Discord a characteristic of this time and place

"You have come from a place of peace and harmony to a place of conflict and discord. You have come from a place of total acceptance to a place of separation, competition, attack."[3]

"You have come at a time of great difficulty and uncertainty, a time of great discord and risk of war. Therefore, do not be in complaint. Do not deny or condemn the circumstances of the world when, in fact, they hold the greatest possibility for your redemption and for your fulfillment here."[4]

Discord in the world

"Whenever any great soul has become public, there has been much conflict and discord."[5]

"Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom will take you far beyond not only your past but the past understanding of most people you will meet. It is this preparation that is so needed in the world now, for the world is feeling the great weight and the great burden of its past discord, past conflicts, past wars, past grievances and past errors. The world is so encumbered."[6]

"Nations that are under great pressure to provide essential resources generally do not allow a great deal of expression of personal freedom. They cannot afford it. They cannot afford the social disorder this creates. They cannot afford dissension. They cannot afford to have their people opposing one another—internal strife and discord, factions working against each other and special interest groups overriding the needs, the rights and the concerns of the general population. This all creates instability."[7]

"You must look towards one another. 'How can we work together? How can we work together to strengthen and to unify our race and to secure and to balance our world?' This won’t be merely an altruistic wish. It will become a vital necessity. It will be something everyone has to think about. And those who refuse to do so will work against humanity at large and will generate conflict and discord."[8]

"The great opportunity for humanity is to finally achieve a state of unity, stability and security—security within and security without. Without this security, life is hazardous and continuously problematic and discordant."[9]


Discord in personal relationships

"To make your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others conform to your ideas" ... "leads to tribulation and discord, for life exists free of your ideas and others exist free of your ideas. If you attempt to make others conform to your ideas, you will attempt to imprison them, and you will be a prisoner along with them."[3]

"Accept the restraint and development that are called for now, for they will protect you and enable you to render your gifts with a minimum of discord and personal risk."[10]

"You cannot leap into a state of so-called “super-consciousness” without destroying your ability to interact with yourself, with others and with the world. Once you realize that you have limits and that these limits should not be transgressed, then you will appreciate the preparation that has been given to you. You will accept the fact that it takes a good deal of time. And you will feel more confident and secure knowing that you can proceed slowly and carefully without sending yourself into great discord or upheaval or producing an instability that you yourself could not arrest." [11]

"When the mind is not in harmony with itself, it experiences its own imbalance and the imbalances in its environment as well. Here it will produce imbalance and discord and respond to what it produces. This creates a vicious cycle in which the mind produces experiences and then responds to its own creations. Rarely is it aware of what it is producing."[12]

"A discordant mind has an impact on the environment. Once this discordance enters the environment, especially if it is shared by others, it creates a force that has an impact on other minds."[12]


"In kindergarten the kids fight, and the teacher needs to keep them from fighting so that they can progress with a minimum of discord.This world is like kindergarten, and the participants are combative."[13]


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