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"Reinforce your desire and capacity today through your practice in stillness and through your hourly practices in awareness and discernment." [1]

Your desire and capacity must grow

For relationship

"True spiritual advancement is the result of a growing desire and capacity to experience Knowledge within yourself and compassion, affinity and purpose in your relationships." [2]

"Your experience of intimacy with anyone or anything directly reflects your desire and capacity to experience God." [3]

"For you to experience God, your desire and capacity for relationship must grow and be cultivated." [2]

"Your relationship with God cannot be comprehended intellectually. It must be experienced. The development of this experience rests upon your desire for it and your capacity for it. Desire and capacity. These determine your range of experience in your relationship with everyone and everything. In fact, these two criteria determine the range of your experience, period. Therefore, cultivating and nurturing your desire for Knowledge and expanding your capacity for Knowledge are what will enable you to grow and make progress." [3]

"As your desire and capacity for relationship grow, so will your comprehension and appreciation for God. That is why there are many different experiences of God and why some of these experience can seem quite contradictory to one another. This is because of the differences in people's comprehension and capacity to experience God. Here there is a little God, a medium-sized God, a great God, a magnificent God and eventually a God without limit. This is why it is useless to argue about God. You must realize that people have different capacities for experience and will therefore draw different conclusions." [4]

For Knowledge

"As your desire and capacity for experiencing Knowledge grow and expand, your calling in life will emerge." [5]

"One step at a time, you learn to develop and to accept your desire and capacity for Knowledge and you learn to express Knowledge as well. Being a student means you are here to learn, and as you learn you will demonstrate, teach and produce the great results that Knowledge wishes to produce. Yet, Knowledge cannot exceed your limitations because Knowledge cares for you and protects you as its vehicle. Because you are a part of Knowledge, you will wish to care for your vehicle as well. That is why you must take the utmost care of your mind and body as you proceed." [6]

"Mystery can only be experienced. Therefore, to learn The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, to learn what Greater Community Spirituality means and why it is so essential for you and for your world, you must begin to have this experience. It will happen in increments, depending upon your desire for it, your resistance to it and your capacity to feel it and to carry it. As your desire and capacity grow and as your resistance lessens, the Mystery will take on greater and greater dimensions, and its rewards will grow for you.... People's desire and capacity for truth and honesty, relationship and affinity are so very limited.... People everywhere have dedicated themselves to things that they must learn to outgrow. This takes much time, and there are many failures, but the possibility of success is there." [7]

"The reclamation of Knowledge is slow and ... it is a very gradual process with many steps in learning. You must understand and integrate what you know and allow it to direct your life very slowly. It does not happen all at once, for you do not yet have the desire or the capacity for Knowledge in a complete sense. This desire and capacity must be gained gradually over time." [8]

"To gain access to this deeper mind, you must come with open hands—without deception, without manipulation, without secret plans for trying to use this Greater Power. For you cannot use it for yourself alone. You can only open yourself to it, slowly, gradually, as you build your desire and capacity to experience the power and grace that the Creator has placed within you." [9]

"You must create a place in your life and in your mind for Knowledge. You must be a patient learner here. You cannot have it all at once, for you do not yet have the desire and the capacity to fully receive what the Creator has prepared for you." [9]

"Simply said, the purpose of religion is to cultivate the desire and the capacity to experience the Divine Presence in one’s life. All teachings and rituals, whether within large institutions or within the privacy of one’s home, [are] for this purpose. And the desire and capacity to experience the Divine Presence [are] to bring one to the power of Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within each human heart." [10]

"We speak to the human heart, not to the intellect that wants to have everything figured out and wants to adhere to its notions, its beliefs and its traditions. There is nothing wrong with a tradition if it fulfills the basic purpose of religion, which is to inspire and expand people’s desire and capacity to experience the presence of God and to connect them with the deeper intelligence that God has placed within them that will be essential for their success and their well-being in the world. This is much more important than the teachings of the founder of a religious tradition. It is much more important than the religion’s official declarations of belief or doctrinaires." [10]

"You have to do the foundation work. Everyone has to do this. No one is simply given a great mission without this foundation. If you think about it, you will realize how important this is, for without the desire and the capacity for Knowledge and for a life of Knowledge, it simply cannot be lived. You will not have the ability. You will not have the depth of understanding. You will not have the necessary perspective and approach, and you will certainly not be able to manage the greater powers and the greater skills that will emerge within you and that will be called for in a greater life of Knowledge. You will not be able to preserve your integrity or your ability in a world which seeks to use and to manipulate people who show greater skills and abilities." [11]

For Understanding

"Continue to build your understanding of the greater movement of the world.... The desire for this must come from within you, and the capacity must be established or you will not be able to see or to know." [12]


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