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"What is Hell? Hell is separation. Hell is being disconnected from God. And this disconnection can lead to deeper and deeper states of fear, anger and depression."

What is providence? August 25, 2008

"Here the tragedies of the rich become apparent, for though they may appear to have everything, though they may appear even to have the luxury of free time, though they can own anything and go anywhere, and have so much social power, if they are unrecognized and unknown, they are desolate. And despite their wealth or privilege, depression will overtake them. They will find that their life is empty. And without real meaning or purpose."

A Deeper Recognition in Relationships, September 11, 2008

"Their happiness is intermittent and short-lived and easily threatened by life around them. Even if they have adopted a happy face, a happy behavior, within themselves there is roiling frustration. They are fighting depression. They are fighting inner conflict to put on a happy face to the world because they have not really connected with who they are and why they are here in the world, and the deeper direction that their life is meant to go in and was always meant to go in."

Dealing with Anger and Frustration, August 5, 2008