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==See also==
==See also==
[Quotes About Free Will]
[[Quotes About Free Will]]
[Decision making]
[[Decision making]]

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Secret 7

Freedom of Choice

"God has given you free will. You may choose what you will follow in your life though few people fully utilize this freedom of choice. In most places in the universe, they do not have or are not granted the freedom of choice. Yet they still have it. Once they realize that Knowledge is a reality, they will have a choice as to whether to recognize it or not, whether to follow it or not, whether to choose to experience it or not and whether to express what it has given them to express or not." [1]

Consequences of Choices in Relationships

"In some societies where there is a great deal of freedom for people to interact with one another, there can be many choices and a great many attempts are made. Many people can become the object of affection. Here learning can be accelerated, and this can be very helpful, but it has its dangers, for there are so many alluring people to which you can attach yourself that it can take far longer for you to learn under these circumstances. However, eventually, disappointment will bring you back to yourself." [2]

"Knowledge will provide the basis for simplicity here. Simplicity will provide clarity—clear decisions and clear choices. If your choices are not clear, then you have more to learn and to discern. If your choice is clear, make it and follow what you know. If you are not yet at a point of decision, you must see what you need to do to reach that point. Wise decision brings resolution, and resolution brings harmony and progress. Remaining too long in irresolution without moving forward will merely be destructive and wasteful." [3]

The Collective Impact of Many Individual Choices

"Will the wealthy nations of the world insist that their lifestyle must be preserved and therefore enter into competition and conflict with one another, further degrading the rest of the world, robbing the poorer people of the world of their own ability to sustain themselves so that some grand or indulgent lifestyle can be maintained in the wealthy nations? If humanity chooses this path, it will enter a period of prolonged conflict and permanent decline.... The choices are few, but they are fundamental. And those choices must not be made simply by the leaders of nations and religious institutions, but by each citizen." [4]

Window of Opportunity

"Your preparation for the Great Waves must begin far in advance of extreme or difficult situations. If you wait, if you hold yourself back from your preparation, if you wait until there is agreement and consensus, then you will have very few options. You will have very few options and very few choices." [5]

"Those who prepare for the future will be able to avoid its dangers and its dilemmas to a very great degree. Those who do not prepare will be extremely vulnerable and will have few choices when the great impacts occur in their lives." [6]

"Seeing clearly, the choices are very simple but can be difficult to make because they are so substantive and complete. People often wish to remain in speculation and fantasy because it seems they have so many options available to them. They say to themselves, “Well, any way that I go is just fine! I will end up at my true destination, for all the roads lead to truth!” Do not say these things to yourself, for you are not taking seriously the real opportunities and decisions that you face in life. Roads lead off in all directions. You need to find the right one and stay with it." [7]

Take the Steps


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See also

Quotes About Free Will

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