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Betraying the Messenger

"Do not look for the elite or the highly respectable to risk their position to bear witness to the Revelation. Do not think that the Messenger only needs to be connected with certain powerful people, for you will be playing the Judas role here—well intentioned, perhaps, but blind to the reality of the situation." [1]

"Those who are sent to be close to the Messenger must become developed, educated and strong, strong with the power of Knowledge, or they could betray him to those forces who will seek to undermine and to thwart his presence in the world." [2]

Feeling Betrayed by the World

"If you feel that the world has betrayed you and your greater hopes and ambitions, what can you give here? If you feel that the world is an evil place that has denied the greater ideals and greater aspirations of human beings, what can you give here? Giving begins with understanding and acceptance." [3]


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