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"If what you are thinking and saying does not have your heart in it, it is really not honest. Perhaps it is the normal thing to say, the expected thing to say. Perhaps that is how you feel in the moment. But if it is really not authentic in your experience, then it is not really honest." [1]

Foundational and Thorough

"There are those who are focused only on political freedom or economic freedom or social freedom. This is a very important contribution to many people, and it may be their ultimate purpose to do this, but the question is, are they free within themselves? Is their motivation based upon love and compassion for people? Or is it driven by anger and hostility, resentment and regret? Is their gift real and authentic, or is it tainted and polluted?" [2]

What Is Not Authentic

"There is so much that is done in the name of religion and spirituality that is not honest and that is not authentic." [1]

"There are so many layers of dishonesty all around you and, to a certain extent, even within you that trying to see what is real and authentic becomes a very challenging thing." [1]

"Your own social behavior {has been] rarely honest and authentic."[2]

The Authenticity of the New Message

"When people begin to consider that there is a New Message from God in the world, one of the first questions that they will consider is whether this is honest and real and whether the Messenger who has been sent into the world to present this New Message is honest and authentic." [1]

"People do not know what to think. They do not know what is real. They do not know what is authentic, and so they go along with what everything else thinks. They go along with the consensus viewpoint. They say, “Oh yes, this is real,” but only because so many people think it is real. Or they say, “This is not real” because what they are considering has very little agreement concerning it. So when a real Message from God arrives, it is immediately disputed and denied." [1]


Further Study