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Superstition about extraterrestrial life

"You will encounter the reality of other forms of intelligent life, but they will not be angelic, and they will not be demonic."[1]

"Most people in the world today are still so fixed in an anthropocentric view of life, in a human-centered universe, that they can only conceive of other forms of intelligent life in an adjunctive way. In other words, they can only consider the meaning of an extraterrestrial Greater Community presence in terms of how it benefits or complements human understanding. That is why from a human viewpoint, the heavens are often filled with demons or angels rather than real beings."[2]

Becoming like an angel

"Eventually you can become like an Unseen One in the world, even while you are still living here as a person."[3]

"Because you are sent here for a greater purpose, you are like an angel in the world, trying to function within the confinements of living within a body and trying to use the mind effectively to communicate with others and to discern correctly the world around you." [4]

"If you become strong with Knowledge in this life, you will be given a greater level of service beyond this world. This may be service within this world or another world. It may be service as a transcendent teacher, one of the unseen ones who guides those who are still living in form.' [5]

Angelic Beings in Certain Traditions

“This is the Fire.... called a “god” in certain traditions of the past—the fire god, the god of fire—because fire is power, fire is restoration, fire is survival, fire is warmth” [6]


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