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"It is your unfulfilled desires, your failed expectations, your thwarted intentions and your inability to express yourself that keep you in a state of aggravation and oppression."[1]

"You cannot return to your Ancient Home ambivalent or with grievances or aggravation or resentment." [2]


"You have to limit how much bad news you let into your home through the media that keeps you in a state of frustration and aggravation." [1]

"Deeply experience what you have as an antidote to this endless wanting and searching and yearning and all of the unhappiness, disappointment and aggravation that it brings to you." [1]

"If you keep taking steps and keep focused on your goal, you will reach the other side and you will spare yourself much anxiety and aggravation." [3]

"Welcome necessity, then, for it frees you from the aggravation and the disability of ambivalence." [4]

Particular to the journey of the individual along the Way

"You seek quiet more and more as gross stimulation becomes a great aggravation." [5]

"You do not need to constantly aggravate your mind in order to progress in the most direct manner." [6]

"Your dissatisfaction with your life is part of what drives you forward, for you must reach the great vantage point where you can see clearly what you must do. And you must find those people who will enable you to reach this vantage point and who will be able to participate with you beyond it. You are being driven by a deeper, inner necessity. Accept this. It is fundamental. it is necessary. It is vital. It will keep you from compromising your life. It will keep you from being deceitful with yourself by claiming that you have reached a satisfactory place, or that you have found your purpose, meaning and direction, when in fact you have not found them yet. It will keep you from giving your life in a relationship prematurely or in dedicating all of your resources and energy to a career or a form of work which does not represent your destiny." [7]

Aggravation as agitation


"To the mind that is cultivated, the room without stimulation is a wonderful place. To the mind that is in conflict, the room without stimulation is a terrible place. To the mind that has been refined, the silence of the wilderness is a wonderful experience to be cherished. To the mind in conflict, it is an aggravation. You have two things to accomplish, which are quite essential to your being here. You cannot neglect them, regardless of your beliefs or point of view. You must develop yourself, your inherent abilities, and you must contribute something vital to the world. Your own Being knows this even if your thoughts do not account for it. Your own Being will be aggravated until it can accomplish these two things, which together comprise your purpose." [8]

Larger-scale and more widespread aggravation

"Resident problems and dissent and aggravation will be pushed to the boiling point by the power of the Great Waves of change." [9]

"[People's] long aggravation or political oppression, their long disenfranchisement of their rights will now be driven to extreme revolution for which people are willing to die and to sacrifice themselves—ordinary people, average people, people in many, many places." [9]

"[The rich] have much more fantasy regarding their life and their prospects for the future than do the poor, who are facing more directly the aggravation and the destitution of trying to survive in a physical reality without having the necessary resources to do so." [2]


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