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"God is the great attraction, and you must become the great respondent." [1]


Experiencing your relationship with God

“You experience God through discovering and carrying out your purpose for being here.” [2]

“Your relationship with God cannot be comprehended intellectually. It must be experienced. The development of this experience rests upon your desire for it and your capacity for it.” [2]

“Your experience of intimacy with anyone or anything directly reflects your desire and capacity to experience God.” [2]

“You cannot go further with anyone or anything than you can go with God.” [2]

“Your relationship with God is not based upon ideas. It is based upon the experience of affinity and purpose.” [2]

“Through Knowledge you can feel the Presence of all relationships. This is the experience of God.” [3]

Understanding your relationship with God

“Your relationship with God indicates that you are here in the world for a purpose.” [2]

“The great gulf between you and God must be filled in with reality. The assumption is always made that there is you and there is God, and you are small and God is great. But between you and God is all of life’s evolution—an expanding network of relationships. It is through this network that you must pass.” [4]

“Without your relationship with God, you would have no real basis for understanding yourself.” [2]

Realizing your relationship with God

“In realizing your real will, you come to realize God’s will for you.” [2]

"God is so close to you, and yet so vast and magnificent and incomprehensible. Your connection to God is at the very center of your being, but you live your life at the surface of the mind, held there by your fascination and fear of the world." [5]

“In coming into meaningful relationship with another, you will feel God. In telling the truth where the truth needs to be told, you will feel God. In experiencing gratitude for something that has been done for you, even on a mundane level, you will feel God. This is how God is recognized and experienced.”[6]

"God did not create your social personality. God did not create your ideas and beliefs. God did not create your decisions, your failures and your regrets. God can only speak to what God created in you, which is something deeper, more pervasive and more natural within you. The New Message is calling to you." [7]

“This Greater Power in the world requires that you be prepared to receive it and to express it. You are its voice; your hands are its hands; your eyes are its eyes; your ears are its ears; your movement is its movement. It relies upon your preparation and upon your demonstration, as you rely upon it for certainty and as you rely upon it for purpose, meaning and direction. Thus it is through this reliance upon Knowledge and Knowledge’s reliance upon you that your union with Knowledge is made complete.” [8]

“Your relationship with God is what must be healed, for that is the primary conflict in your life. Your disassociation from God is the source of all of your conflicts and disabilities. However, the resolution of this fundamental conflict will take place within your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world. In other words, your problem is your relationship with God, but the solution will be established through your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world. Real healing must be established within the context of these three arenas. The power for you to do this is given by God.” [9]

“In considering your relationship with God, you do not need to have answers, but only to ask questions. You ask these questions so that you may open the door to your own realization.” [9]


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