Warfare in the Greater Community

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"Outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced nations." [1]

"In the history of your local universe there have been wars and great conflicts. In the last ten to twelve thousand years there has been a period of great stability, and this has been maintained with tremendous determination." [2]

“Nations that are fundamentally warlike and destructive do not last very long in the Greater Community. For any nation to exert itself in this way in a highly populated region of space such as your own would meet a united resistance. With only very few exceptions in the universe, can this resistance be overcome. What would one nation do faced with a thousand nations opposing it? And what could one nation do if its access to trade were denied?” [1]

"War and conquest are suppressed in this region of space. They are suppressed to maintain order and to provide security and stability for the larger networks of nations and their commerce and trade with one another. After going through long eras of war and competition and conflict, these larger networks have been established.

In this region of space, war is suppressed and outright conquest is not allowed. So if a nation wishes to gain advantage and influence in another world, such as an emerging world like your own, they must use more subtle means and employ other agents to carry out such an intervention."[3]

"If any nation in your world seeks to remain aggressive and hostile, its resources can be denied to it by the rest of the world. This is what happens in the Greater Community should any nation become aggressive and hostile, seeking to dominate or overwhelm other nations, seeking conquest of territory or seeking to eliminate its competitors. Such a nation will have to face a united opposition by all others who are involved in their networks of trade. This has effectively eliminated a great deal of conflict in the universe."[4]


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