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Wandering in the desert

"To choose a different way, you must first stop—stop the ceaseless striving to have this, to be that, to attain this and to avoid that. You must stop driving yourself and be still for a time until you can sense that there is a different direction for you to go. This begins a period of critical fusion. For quite a while you will be wandering about in the desert, so to speak, not certain where you are going or what you are doing. Yet, you are actually going somewhere if you do not interfere.

The true way is not the way of personal ambition, so it defies definition. Everyone who has traveled this way has gone through a period of wandering about, bumping into things, uncertain of where they are going and why they are going there. Nobody can map this part of the journey."[1]

"As you wander around, or seemingly so, you will actually find over time that you are following a certain direction and that there are certain clues along the way and little guides and things that are helping you. Though your way is still ill defined and seemingly incomprehensible, you are actually moving in a certain direction."[1]

"For those who have chosen The Way of Knowledge and are in the “wandering in the desert” phase, there is little assurance that they will produce anything of value at any time for anyone. There is no assurance of success. There is no fame, no glory and no wealth. They will not win love or money. They do not know what they will get out of the situation. They are only doing it because they must do it. Either their former life proved to be too painful or they experienced something else calling them—usually a combination of both. What they will produce, they cannot say. Who they will be, they cannot say. What they will have, they cannot say. It is up to the Greater Power now. They are standing by, willing to carry on whatever is necessary. They are truly motivated. Their result is beyond them. They can now be primary participants in achieving a concrete result or a mysterious result, whatever it may be, but they don’t know what they are creating. They are only participating in creation now. Now they have greater promise. Yet, there are many pitfalls along the way. They can make many errors, particularly if they try to regain control and determine the nature and the direction of their pursuit. But if they do not do this, they will come to realize the reality of Knowledge, the direction of Knowledge and the expression of Knowledge in their individual lives."[1]


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