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The categorical condensations are interesting and helpful. Keep them on discussion pages, for now. However, they are extremely useful, ultimately, for the content that will be developed from the excerpts on the entry page itself.

This is the simple formatting I am using for them
Put a semi-colon in front of the heading, and a colon before each item in a series to format.

There's a signature button, the last in the menu above the editing screen, for use in discussions.--Mary s 12:50, 17 April 2012 (PDT)

The "Show Preview" button is your friend.

Keep in mind, the wiki is like the perfect pet: sleeps the whole time you're away, ready for a walk any time you are. No urgency here.

These are just ideas for things to do, in case you're interested.
What do you notice when you read entries? What don't you like? Be brutal. In your harmless opinions, that is.
Add your daily practice from the step you're on to practices. (take care to read the list of references used to see if it's there already)
Tighten up any motley collection of excerpts by organizing them with headings. The excerpts themselves will speak to you to suggest headings. It's fine not to aim for such tight congruity; it might be better to avoid aiming for wit or charm, though that is hard to resist. Please fix where the editor seems to try too hard.
Don't try to fix the bad citations for Wisdom from the Greater Community. The page title has a typo; I don't know how to fix a title page.
On the needed edits page, under the Admin heading (meaning, for Will's attention) is a list of titles that for the most part have been blanked; some have been redirected to other extant pages. What do you think? Want to reinstate any of them?

On j9's portfolio, there is one text that you can't use for cutting and pasting to the wiki. The Continuation series of Steps has to be manually copied from your text because that's a later edition. I'd mention it to the compiler of the portfolio, but it's too fascinating. You'll see an editor's note in RHP that just makes you feel fond and respectful of the persons and work behind all these texts. --Mary s 16:05, 21 April 2012 (PDT)