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The world's emergence into the Greater Community

"It is the beginning of a great transition, a transition from tribal culture into a world community and into interaction with the Greater Community, of which your world is a small part. You have not come here to live a normal life under quiescent circumstances. You have not come here to retire, to go into repose or to live a life of quiet meditation."[1]

"Your generation and the generations to come are part of the great transition from being an isolated and divisive race to becoming a unified race that is capable of interacting with the Greater Community". [1]

"You are preparing to be in a world in great transition. It is not a world where everything will be torn apart. It is not a world where nature will destroy itself or the world will be dashed and devastated. It is not a world where angels will come and rescue humanity. Leave these fantasies and these fearful and hopeful dreams aside. Be clear, open and honest. Be attentive to what is happening so that you may see things as they really are and experience their reality. You are preparing to be in a world where humanity must unify itself. It must do this because this is its evolution." [1]

"The world's emergence into the Greater Community will be the greatest transition humanity has ever faced. This is understandable because humanity is a very recent race. Yes, the primitive life of your ancestors went on for a very long time, mainly because your world is such an easy world to live in compared to other worlds. However, the demands of life now are much greater, and the pace of life is much faster." [2]

"It is not the end of time. It is a great transition. It is not the end of the world. It is a great reckoning and a new time of Revelation. Many things will come to an end. Many ways of life will have to be altered. Human understanding will have to change. Human responsibility will have to grow. Human compassion will have to grow. Human forgiveness will have to grow. It will seem like the end of time, like the whole world is coming down on you, a time of cataclysmic change and upheaval. But it is really a time for humanity to grow up, to become wise and to prepare for its future." [3]

Transition for the Individual

"Transitions are confusing because you are moving from one understanding to another understanding, from one experience of life to another experience of life. The transitions mean that you cannot go back, and you have not gone far enough to go fully forward, so you have to be on this bridge, going through this transition." [4]

"That is why when Knowledge begins to move in your life, and you begin to feel that you have a greater destiny here and that this really is essential and central to your life and to the importance of your relationships and activities, you will begin to make this transition from independence to interdependence. You will seek a greater honesty from people, a greater responsibility in people and a greater resonance with people." [5]


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