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"Indeed, you need to govern your thoughts, feelings and activities so that they may be directed according to a deeper experience."[1]

"99% of your thoughts you have absorbed from your environment or have adopted from your family or other significant figures to meet social conventions, to meet other people’s expectations, to meet the requirements and demands of your family and so forth. Really, you have very little freedom in your thinking mind because it has been so conditioned into you. You think you are free, but you are not really free in this regard."[2]


"If you look, you will see. But if all you can see are your own thoughts, then that is all you will see. If you are not thinking, you will see what is there. If you are preoccupied with your own thinking, you will see your own thoughts.We want to stimulate people to look without thinking so that they may see what is there and respond to it directly, like your animals do.They do not have the burden of reckless thinking."[3]


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