The return to God

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"Heaven knows the return. Heaven is orchestrating the return. But it is you who must make the decisions and the adjustments and deal with the consequences." [1]

At the Outset

"At the outset, the return may not be evident at all. You are simply questioning now. You are doubting things you believed in before. You are doubting the values you grew up with, the values that may be expected of you to adopt and to fulfill." [1]

"You are beginning, perhaps in the very slightest way, your return to your Source, your return to the greater purpose that has brought you into the world." [1]

"You come upon this turning point not only by discovering the emptiness of your rewards and the failure of your pursuits, but also because Heaven is calling you. The time for you to begin the return has come, and now there is another Force in your life—a mysterious Force that you cannot understand with the intellect, a Force you cannot bargain with, a Force that will become stronger as you proceed. Now it is a faint light in your mind, but it is a light, and it is casting its revelation upon your life as it truly is. And you are having to deal with the consequence of this." [1]


"Once you are on the return, it is important that you find the correct companions, the correct understanding, the correct preparation and eventually the correct teacher." [1]

“Only God knows how to lead you to that which will redeem and restore you. You cannot figure it out. It is not an idea or a philosophy or a human invention. God gives you the pathway and calls you to return. This is being given now with great clarity, for the Message is pure. It is uncontaminated by human history, human manipulation and the compromises of human adoption. It is pure. It is whole. It is complete. It is great in its scope. And yet it gives you the next step to take in your life.” [2]


"Your return will be rocky. It will be turbulent. It will be uncertain. You will find yourself falling backwards, having to pick yourself up and choose again." [1]

"The return to God is not leaving the world. It is coming into the world to understand the world, to understand yourself in the world and to follow that which is guiding you to give your specific gifts where they are truly needed, which is something the intellect can never really determine. Your work is here. You will return to your Ancient Home in time, but your work is here." [1]

"Blessed is the return, but it can be very challenging at times. However, the suffering this might entail is nothing compared to the suffering that will be felt increasingly as you age, as the promise of your life becomes ever more distant, as you have to live with the consequences of your poor decisions and the aggravation this creates within yourself." [1]

"You have to work your way back into Heaven, you see. You have to serve the separated world, the separated universe. You have to work your way back, through contribution and through self-development. You cannot return to your Ancient Home as a miserable, conflicted, contentious, grievous person. Heaven would seem like Hell to you, if that were the case."[3]


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