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The Harim (pronounced ha-RIHM) is the network of the wise in the Greater Community.

"This word, which is from the Septoral language, speaks of those who uphold Knowledge in all worlds. Their purpose is not local or ambitious. They represent a universal purpose that bonds them with others very different from themselves. This has created an association of the Wise who are unlikely ever to encounter each other face to face in manifest life. It extends the whole network and fabric of genuine relationship beyond the visual realm. Here Heaven and earth overlap. Within these overlapping boundaries, there exists a greater bond of relationship, a greater awareness and a greater experience of life." [1]


"Your allies are called the Harim, which is a word meaning “those with skill” in Septoral, a commonly used language in the Greater Community. This word, though new to you, is used to illustrate both the assistance available to you and some of the realities that you will find in a greater context of life that extends far beyond the boundaries of your world and the limits of your awareness. The Harim exist to support the reclamation of Knowledge everywhere— wherever intelligent life dwells and wherever intelligent life has originated in the physical universe. They serve as intermediaries between the invisible world where you have come from and the visible world where you live now. Great is their skill and accomplishment. Few in your world have ever achieved their state of awareness. Their mission is not simply to support and assist their own races and cultures. Instead, their role is to support Knowledge in the Greater Community. Their accomplishments make peaceful relations possible between worlds. They make higher education possible and make possible the elevation of worldly societies. The Harim work for peace in the Greater Community, and thus their mission and their scope are enormous. They represent individuals from many worlds. Some have met each other and others have never met each other. Yet they are held together through a great network of communication that utilizes the Unseen Ones, who can go anywhere and who can deliver information from one world to another through non-physical means. This great network of communication extends to your world. It represents a marvelous accomplishment in the mental environment." [2]


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