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"God has a Plan and how the Plan works is that it gives you something meaningful to do in life." [1]

"God is not reserved for the one in ten million. God’s Plan includes all and guarantees fulfillment and advancement in this reality that you live in." [2]

A Plan of union in separation

"The Spiritual Families were established before the physical universe existed. They were established as a plan of union, organizing all separated beings into a learning procedure that would accurately serve them in their individual needs, while organizing them into learning groups that would aspire to greater and greater levels of understanding. These levels would transcend all of the physical planes into the etheric and beyond. The Family establishment was according to the great Plan, for indeed, there is a great Plan." [3]

"This idea of the Spiritual Families will be received with a mixture of responses. It is hoped that all are one in God, and yet we all learn through groups and procedures. Do you see, the Master Plan has taken all of your developments—personal relationships, marriage, children, groups, religion, government, everything—and given them a new function and purpose. God is very smart. God will win at your own game. It is not an easy task to win at your game. Only the Master Mind can think of this. God will use the divisions of separation to unite the entire universe." [4]

"You must, in a sense, suspend your idea of Family, for even this word we choose only because it is familiar. It would be wiser to say it is an order of learning, an area of participation in the Greater Plan." [5]

"What is your Spiritual Family then but an experience of your foundation, given within a framework that you can cherish and accept? God has established a Plan that works because it reorders all levels of separation into a functioning and moving organization. It includes everyone. It is far more masterful of your creations than you are." [6]

Specific to each nature

"The Plan of God must account for the needs of many different kinds of beings in many different kinds of environments." [7]

"The Greater Plan establishes in each world its own educational process, depending upon the nature of that world’s customs, the make-up of its societies and its own dilemmas." [8]

Beyond our personal ken

Knowledge "contains your part in the Plan. This idea of a Plan is very difficult to comprehend fully here. It obviously indicates that you are a part of something greater, that you are not only an individual, not completely, and that you are not an isolated, unrelated living event in the world. You are part of a Plan. It is not a Plan that you are meant to fully comprehend because this is not possible. You do not have the perceptual range or the capacity, but that is not important. What is important is that you can discover that there is a Plan, that you are part of it and that your inclusion in it is entirely natural and inbred within you. It offers a promise for your life that is very real. Because Knowledge is intelligent, it is also thinking spontaneously." [9]

"It is for your protection that the Plan is completely beyond your control. You cannot govern it, change it or turn it to serve your own designs. Hardly possible. It is therefore safe and for your protection." [10]

The inclusivity of the Plan

"The Plan of God serves all intelligent life. It is not the exclusive right of this little world." [11]

"Your ideas about God’s Plan will always fall short of the reality because the reality is too great and too inclusive. It includes everyone." [2]

"God’s intention is to free everyone here so that they may return to their natural Home. So, instead of making the world a perfect place for your separation to exist, God has set in motion the forces to break your separation down." [12]

"The Plan accounts for error. That is why the gift that is given to you is given to others as well. We give a certain gift to ten people, and if it germinates and sprouts in two people, we have done well. Then the other eight can live their lives and not feel a dreadful sense that they have failed." [13]

"You are part of a Greater Community. You are not merely human beings. God is not for humans alone. The Plan of God is not for humans alone. God is at work in the world, and the work seems mysterious because you think with a very fixed frame of reference that limits your perception. God is at work everywhere, reclaiming the separated through Knowledge. That is The Way." [14]

"As your world itself has a tradition of spiritual teachers and heroes, so the Greater Community has a spiritual tradition. Think of your religions. They are for humans only, are they not? They do not account for intelligent life elsewhere. They are prescriptions for humans. And yet there are prescriptions for all intelligent life, for nothing is excluded from the Greater Plan. It is within this context that the Spiritual Family has relevancy and can be experienced." [15]

"The Plan of God is not a Plan only for Christians or Buddhists or Muslims. It is a Plan for humans and non-humans. Within this context, your world’s religions can have a new meaning and receive a new appreciation." [16]

Participation in the Plan

"It has taken a great deal of planning to get you this far because you have come from your Spiritual Family. Thus, you are a representative of your Family while you are in the world. The world is a lonely, poor place. Therefore, it is important that you who come bearing gifts not only feel that you should give or that you must give but realize the extent to which you are given to." [17]

With God

"God has created a Plan already. You are either with it or you are not. It is possible not to be with it. You cannot actually be outside of it, but you can be idle within it, not participating." [2]

"God does not know you personally. God does not come from far away to help you out personally. Yet God serves you personally because of God’s Plan." [18]

With companions

"God’s Plan is a Plan of rejoining of relationships in their true function and capacity." [19]

Your contribution "will be part of a greater collaboration that you will make in meaningful relationships with individuals and with small groups of people. This sets everything in motion in very specific ways because this represents the Greater Plan for life, a Plan that was always intended for humanity and which now is entering a new stage. If you read and understand human history with this greater perspective, you will see it has always been geared towards ascendancy in the world and participation in the Greater Community." [20]

"Because your life is part of a Greater Plan, you have an intrinsic role to assume. This always engages you in relationship with others in a very profound way. Now you are not in relationship for personal freedom or personal fulfillment. You are now in relationship, perhaps, for reasons you cannot even describe, but you must be together. As you are together, your life begins to feel more at ease, and there is greater self-acceptance. You see that your nature is geared towards a certain role that is best for you." [21]

With direction

"Knowledge is a gift that you have, but it is also your True Being. It has a plan for your life already and once activated, it will begin to exert itself in a much more direct way. You will realize you do not need the burden of decision, for increasingly Knowledge will motivate you, guide you and direct you, gracefully but powerfully." [22]

"Because of the evolution of life, God serves you specifically in every stage you are in. One step ahead of you in your Spiritual Family are your elders who lead and instruct you. They are led and instructed, and so on and so forth. God is the attraction. The Plan is the means. You feel God. God is like a great attraction pulling you. God is pulling everything in." [18]

"The Plan of the Teachers calls for the development of students who have a foundation, for they are in a position to give. Their lives are not about attempting to fulfill all of their great needs because there is no fulfillment there. Their needs are met sufficiently, so they are in a position to contribute something greater. As a result, they are in a position to receive something greater." [23]

"God has a greater Plan for the human family, but this Plan can only be followed individually through Knowledge, through cooperation and recognition between peoples, through environmental responsibility, through accountability to the human family and through humility and simplicity—without arrogance, without condemnation and without self-righteousness."[24]

Self-directed plans and the Greater Plan

"People have so often set ultimate goals for their spiritual growth and have attempted to live by them. Very presumptuous and damaging this is, for failure is inevitable. It is not in the Plan that you should fail by overshooting your true goals in life." [7]

"Knowledge is with you. It has its own destiny and its own path. You may pull yourself this way and that, but you cannot convince the deeper aspect of yourself to participate. You see, the resolution to your problems is always quite simple, but your approach to the resolution is quite complex." [12]

"You cannot say,'Give me the blueprint and I will carry it out,' because, you see, you only have part of the blueprint. Your Teachers have part of the blueprint. People in your life have part of the blueprint. People you have not even met yet have part of the blueprint.mTherefore, do not be idealistic and say,'Tell me the plan and I will go forward. Tell me who I will be and I will prepare now.'” [25]


"God has already established a Plan and you cannot change it. So, there is a Plan in motion already. Not only can you not change it, you cannot even understand it. For you to understand God’s Plan, you would have to have God’s mind, which at this moment you do not have. It is like little children trying to understand why their parents go away every day to work. You do not understand.You have not achieved that level of participation. A relative reality cannot appreciate an absolute reality, even though the relative reality is moving towards the absolute.You are moving towards the absolute." [2]

"It is like a big dance. Many people come, but only a few people dance. Everyone else is standing around not knowing what to do. A very unhappy situation." [2]

"God doesn’t think and scheme and plan like a little spy agency." [26]

"You have faith that life is good and that there is a God out there somewhere—not too close at hand but out there somewhere. God is certainly there if you need a God, yes? But not so much a God that there is any interference with your plans. Sort of a convenient God. Like a life insurance policy. In case things get beyond your control, maybe there is someone that can help you." [27]


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